SCOT Idea: Forever Payouts


With SCOT, we have the potential for a bit more flexibility than steemd can provide. Within reason. There have been requests for Steem to have eternal payouts, but this is limited by memory/resource requirements. Maybe it can be addressed now that MIRA has been released, but I won't hold my breath.

I like holger80's solution to this: steem forever (rewarding old posts) with beem. But it is a bit of a hack. And for it to really work well, it'd require a front-end to interpret and unify all the upvotes and related upvote replies into, then hide stuff ... kinda clunky.

What if you could natively promote a SCOT post beyond the current payout period? What if you could also buy extra payout periods after the initial payout? And what if you could automate this for certain posts? Combine the three, you've potentially got "forever payouts."

There would be a few benefits:

  1. Less re-posting. I find re-posting good content to be a perfectly acceptable practice, within reason. But many people see re-posting as only spam. Well, this feature would reduce the need to re-post something just to get more rewards.
  2. More "sinks" for the particular token. I think "sink" is an aggroed term for "more uses." Anyway, that's what this is. More uses for your token.
  3. Less exposure to STEEM Power votes. If you're sensitive to over-voting with STEEM Power, a SCOT extended-payout would have zero STEEM Power exposure, so you would be able to vote as much as you want without applying SP as a side-effect.

The neat thing is, if the post doesn't really get any more votes after a while, the author would have to yank it from the promotion automation or else it'll just end up costing them more than it earns.

How about posts that are public, but every time a company accesses a bunch of them, the API makes their CEO's account click 'like' on one of them at random so you get a notification.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Well, use case means the token is used as payment and a sink means it’s gone out of circulation (ideally forever). So, we could implement something like the ability to keep a post open to payouts by sending ENG (and accompanying Scot to null)


Got it. A sink is probably more "politically correct" to those hippies because "everybody profits." All true because it reduces supply. But I think more often, it's better to concentrate buying power into those who have a track record for providing value.

Thank you for this idea @inertia.

I love the flexibility of SCOT and the ideas that are coming out. It really provides a great deal of developer freedom when stuff can be done above the base layer.

This seems like an excellent idea. It really will come into play with video. I find that many feel the drawback to creating video content, which tends to be viewed over longer periods of time, is that the payout ceases. If the idea is to have a D.Tube plugin to each community, this could be a fantastic addition.

Definitely! I've been thinking along those lines as well. I would definitely use those options for weedcash. I Hadn't considered making it a service you can pay for with WEED! Brilliant!!

This is really interesting feature. It is very useful for those authors who spend lot of resources in making their content like video or some research posts.

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Still researching all this stuff (i.e., SCOT, MIRA, EIP... ad nauseam). Not the sharpest crayon in the box, yet I do appreciate reading the posts of those that actually understand these things.

This post, has once again, piqued my interest in the initiatives and projects taking place within the Steem economy.

Have a great week.