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I see some of these Termites are enjoying the food, I think this is a delicious meal for them. That's what living things have different delicacies. What is interesting about this scene. Termites are small and soft animals But they are able to eat something hard like wood.

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Wow, nice photography! I've never seen them before, but perhaps I just haven't been looking for them. I've heard they can be a real problem if they start eating your house. (This reminds me that I need to clean the rain gutters on my house - termites where I live like wet wood.)


You are a true friend. how do you think they can live in a snowy place?


I think it is a different kind of termite that lives around here. It is more cold hardy and my guess is that it can survive short freezing weather by finding shelter in certain areas that are more protected. I'm not really sure how they survive in really snowy weather - of course if it gets bad enough there are no trees for them to eat.


Here their food is wood. As in Europe I think termites are not a scary and threatening animal there. I think people in Europe no longer live in wooden houses and they live in concrete houses. Really like that?

deadly picture. brilliant focus on such small creatures is just lovely. the picture looks as if moving. awesome and genius photography


Thank You

I don't think I have ever seen termites quite so close up.
They are fascinating creatures, that's for sure.
I wonder how the world would be
if people worked as hard as termites....


You are right, I think no one is poor in this world if Want to work like termite