The New York Government is pretty far from sane.

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The recent Supreme Court decision to overturn the restrictions for concealed carry in New York is the closest thing to a common sense move on gun policy since DC v Heller. Still, something that's being missed is how innocuous it's probably going to be.

Don't get me wrong - it's a big win. Still, the decision doesn't prevent the totalitarian New York Government from restricting the carrying of firearms in certain public areas.

In a state that has relatively sane gun laws like mine - Arizona - we still have laws that would land you in legal trouble if you carry a gun into a school or something; but, I've open carried in public and I've even brought my gun into private establishments that permitted it.

The New York Government is pretty far from sane.

Some people in more rural areas of New York may see a substantial increase in their rights to bear arms; but, people in the city are probably still going to be at the mercy of criminals. There's nothing in the court's decision that says that New York can't restrict gun possession on the metro (where one of the most famous cases of self-defense happened) or in the parks or in other public areas where people may be assaulted and need a weapon.

In fact, it seems likely that New York will respond to this decision by drawing an X over every public area possible to restrict possession of guns.

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