Here's How I Broke into Acting. Have a Laugh!

5년 전

It runs longer than I thought it would. But hey! I'm a story teller. What can I say?

So, here you go. Watch me sing and dance... if you dare. This was recorded on a hand held video recorder in 1998. I apologize for the poor quality


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"you never know what any door you go through is going to offer, the important thing is to go through the door" that's a great quote brian!



Thank you.

Wow. There you are in 1998 Rockin the boat and today here you are steeming up Steemit's community. We are blessed you are here and hope this is another fork in the road for you. Thanks for the memories.


Thank you.


Hey @pitterpatter did you create that gif? I love it!


Thanks for asking, @lellabird60. All I did is take the talented Steemian @carlos-cabeza many youtube video animations

and turned them into gifs.
Please check @carlos-cabeza profile and follow him. He gives freely to the steemit community and has the best animations I've seen on steemit.


Congratulations @brian-rhodes!
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Watching this now :) Did you ever get a chance to take a look at SingularDTV @brian-rhodes? Just curious.


I did. I went to their website. Interested in Singular 'the TV Series' and 'Film Division - Documentaries'. Will be watching. Thanks.


Awesome. Glad you got a chance to check it out. They had a great crowdsale to fund that platform. I'm excited to see how well they can distribute the content, and also create content. Steemit has a chance to do some very similar things, in a very different way. It will be exiting to see how Steemit will fair in creating and distributing content such as movie, tv, music and art.

I can't hear any sound on the video for some reason so I was not able to hear your voice to determine if this is you ...

If this is you, props! :)


My buddy tried to get into acting when he was a teenager. A producer asked him if he's willing to "play tennis". That was the end of that.


It happens all to frequently... sadly.


So I hear. Your story is great though, all the more so since I'm familiar with Orangeville.

To Brian Rhodes I have added you to my steemvoter streight away, you know why I dont have to explane that hehe, I am so proud of that you are in Steem community, thank you, God bless you

Since moving to Roswell NM, We've been involved in the Roswell Community little theater. I just finished playing four characters in "The Good Doctor" Stage acting is a lot of fun and a good way to get away from the everyday doldrums. I can't sing and am tone deaf, so I'm limited to non-musical plays. Ironically, my next endeavor is assistant director of "Once Upon A Mattress"

Hi Brian,

I enjoyed your performance.

I played Sky around 20 years ago. Good fun.

It's such a pleasure listening to you @brian-rhodes. You are definitely a great story teller. Isn't life about these accidental coincidences? These moments that seem to be so unimportant and then turn out to become the ones that change your life forever in a positive way?

I missed to welcome you to steemit earlier, so here is my belated: Hello!
It's been a dream since my childhood to stand in front of the camera but then I chose a more "classic career". Now I catch up on that secret dream by posting videos on steemit. It's never too late I guess! :)

Before moving to a place where sun is shining all year long I grew up in an isolated village. So I can totally relate when it comes to "making the day interesting" at such places as you called it. Your story even refreshed some of my childhood memories while watching your video clip here - so thanks for that :)
Have a good time!
Marly -