Wow, huge SCT rewards!

4개월 전

Just logon to my steemcoinpan account today, and saw this huge SCT rewards!

This is my first time has rewards greater than 5+

There is still 2 more days until the first payout, more pending rewards mean the post reward will be less.

Just see what's the final payout after 2 days.

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Hello @davidchen, Thank you for your interest in Steemcoinpan ^^


CU 스테이킹 누락에 대한 보상 차원에서 보팅을 남겨드립니다. ^^


이하 동문입니다. ^^

Enjoy and lets see whats going to be happen. :)


외국 손님을 따뜻하게 맞이해 주셔서 감사의 마음으로 살짝 보팅드리고 갑니다.^^