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Previously, the voting bot will take the latest 3 posts of a user - and voted on the oldest.


Thus, one might write a few posts per day and next save them for next days. Now, the bot has changed slightly so that it will only vote on posts that are of that particular day aka "Today"

The time zone where the bot lives is UTC.

That means, every qualified delegator gets a quote (1 post) for a day. If you don't post on the day, then you will be missed upvote for that day. It is considered a fair policy.


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管不了那么多了…… :P

What bot?

Hey @justyy ... do you have a Discord ? I noticed some guy ... ezvote ... and a group of people downvoting my posts that you give me upvotes.... is this common ?


Thanks, @justyy, I tried posting for today

Ohh, you are a bot then!!! Nice 👍