Binance is back after the hack last week!

2년 전

Binance is back.

Last week Binance suffered a hacker attack, but seems that it has recovered and prepared of the next IEO event.

Today, the world's leading crypto exchange announced that details of its next financing project will be hosted on its token sales platform, Binance Launchpad: Harmony.

Harmony is a new public blockchain project, consisting of a team from Silicon Valley, which will be the initial exchange product (IEO) on the Binance Launchpad on May 28. The company plans to unload 12.6 billion tokens with a hard cap of $5 million. Consider the way Binance's IEO has been in the past - just sell the token in just a few minutes - if it's not the number of seconds - the deal will follow the same lottery investment approach as other recent high performance IEOs.

Binance skillfully (although some may say "savvyly") to motivate the purchase and hold of their local BNB token to increase the chances of an IEO shopper landing the ticket. Binance users can apply for up to 5 lottery tickets based on their average BNB holdings during the 7-day sales period - the more they hold, the higher their odds. Then, each ticket allows investors to purchase a Harmony ONE card worth up to $300.

Binance plans to allocate up to 16,666 tickets to the pool of harmonious investors. If this sounds like a lot of carnival rides, remember that BitTorrent on the Binance Launchpad, Fetch and Celer's IEO all made investors want more.

As always, the sale of Binance Launchpad is subject to jurisdictional restrictions, so these tokens are unrestricted for US investors as well as for Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Yemen and a range of sanctioned countries.

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