CoronaChampions: Atsuko Ohkoshi, rétela

2개월 전

Earlier in March, we begun an interview series to find out how Japanese sustainable brands are holding up against the coronavirus pandemic. It was originally a way to learn more about the brands, and discover any unique methods they have used, so that others may take reference to or emulate.


But we learnt more than that. Among the interviews, we discovered how these leaders were thinking beyond. On top of the responsibilities towards environment, society and their workers, they were already thinking about systemic and philosophical changes that would come after the coronavirus period.

Most of all, they shared with us a words of encouragement, to not give in, even against crises, for a better world. Sustainable fashion brand Retela's Atsuko Ohkoshi's had a strong resonance in me: "Maintain your sanity, not your sense of justice."

Read the interview with her here on Zenbird Media

Stay safe, for the good in the world.
Zenbird Editor-in-Chief Roger signing out.

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