When breaking the wave - #seaphotography

3년 전

1 1s23242.png

Photo taken with the camera panasonic lumix dmc-fz100

This is the beach of Pampatar, on the island of Margarita, Venezuela. A beach with little waves, only breaks a wave at the same time on the shore, this place is perfect if you are looking for peace and relaxation. This beach is in one of the most touristic areas of this island, has many restaurants around where they sell the best fresh fish and delicacies from the sea.

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That photo is great. Wanted to let you know that mentioned you in her recap post about past people she featured for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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followed and upvoted you so do back

I love both seefood and relaxation, so I wish to visit island of Margarita some day! BTW Your Picture is awesome sister!))


I'm very happy that you like the photo, I hope you can meet that wonderful island someday.

love your photo <3

Que bonito vale.