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The sea fascinates, surprises, scares, rests, flushes, tires, and sometimes obsesses. SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST seeks to reward the shots that best illustrate these feelings. Every Monday, a theme will be proposed on my blog @marc-allaria. The rules are basic and recalled below.

This week the proposed theme is:



A federating theme, which will allow the greatest number to participate. The winner will be announced this weekend and will earn

*** 5SDB ***


The winner will be the one who will have the maximum of your Upvotes


1- Post your photograph in response to this article.

2- Upvote this article.

3- The photographer must be the author of the photograph he presents. Any attempt at plagiarism will be denounced and its author blacklisted the contest. NO PLAGIARISM!

4- Present your photograph summarily indicating the place, the exif, or any other information that the photographer will judge useful. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Marsian, all languages ​​are accepted. However, an English translation in a parallel column could be used for everyone ...

5- The photographs can be submitted from Monday to Friday midnight.

***THAT'S ALL !!!***

On the other hand, if you publish on your blog photography highlighting the sea whatever the theme choiced, and using the tag #seaphotography as first tag, you can have a chance to see your work upvoted and presented on my blog.

Please, see the full guide lines here

I will annonce the winner of WEEK#1, and will present my favorite #seaphotography, this week end...! I can not wait to enjoy your photographs. Thank you for participating.


The winner will be the one who will have the maximum of your Upvotes

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Bonsoir @marc-allaria et tous les participants de cette première semaine du concours #Seaphotography contest. Voici ma proposition pour cette première semaine de lancement.
Un beau coucher de soleil sur le voilier Aurora en face de mon village au bout de l'île de Mayotte.
La photographie est prise avec un Nikon 5300.


Il semblerait que la corde sensible n'est pas eu son effet que sur moi ! Superbe la photo.


@marc-allaria : Merci et quel succès pour cette première semaine de concours ! Bravo !

Here is my entry:

click on the image to view full screen

This was taken at a beach on Portugal's Silver Coast and is a 1/4 second exposure, shot with a CPL and an ND filter just to emphasise the movements of the waves.

Original Post


I love the longexposure with the sea. It makes the sea sweeter. Great shot @davewuk!


Thank you!
I will be back in Portugal in a few days, I'm already packing my camera bag and checking out the tides :-)


Merci pour ce concours #seaphotography.
Voici ma participation :



J'étais en voyage à Maurice en mai dernier à l'hôtel Le Méridien à pointes aux piments au nord- ouest de l'île.
Le WE avant mon départ ont été célébrés 2 mariages sur la plage.
Le cadre paradisiaque m'a donné l'occasion de faire beaucoup de photos.

This photo was taken at the Le Meridien hotel in Mauritius during my holidays in May. 2 weddings were celebrated on the beach.
This was an amazing place to do a lot of pictures.

Bonne chance à tous.

Good luck everybody.


Ma photo n'apparaît pas en entier on dirait. On ne voit pas la mariée!


Très sympa avec les mariés en fond. Très réussi.


Déjà 3 photos de publiées, voici donc la mienne :
Il s'agit d'un coucher de soleil sur l'île Margarita que j'avais pris en photo en Janvier 2015
Photo prise avec un Ipad Mini sans aucune retouche...


Un bon moment semble-t-il. "Margarita" du Venezuela?


Oui Margarita au Venezuela. Par ailleurs, lors de cette étape, nous étions sous surveillance militaire de fait de l'insécurité qui y régnait.... mais tout s'est bien déroulé et ce fut un moment inoubliable :)

Nikon D7000 / 1/250 / f9.0 ISO 250
Yalova / Turkey



The shot has been taken at the right moment. Perfect !


Thank you🙏🤗

One of my favorite places on the sea. Sinai. Dahab. On the opposite side you can see the coast of Saudi Arabia. And between us is the Red Sea. Here it is really red in the light of the morning sun.
I'll sit here for another half an hour, watching as life awakens around. And then I'll go to the dive center to go somewhere to dive. I tried never to plan in Dahab beforehand. This contradicted the very spirit of this place.
Here only the Sea decides what will happen and what does not.


This is not only the sea which is red... Nice shot as usually!


This is not only
The sea which is red... Nice shot
As usually!

                 - marc-allaria

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Nice one bro


Nice one sister


What an amazing piece of work..


Sunset and mouvement. Great !

Thanks for this nice contest! This is my entry:


I took this shot during our vacation in Vlissingen, Netherlands. We had an apparment at the beach, so I could watch it from our window. In this area, the big cargo ships are passing the coastline very closely, which is impressing. If you look carefully, you can see some offshore pinwheels at the horizon. For me with this huge ships and the dramatic colors it almost appears like a scene from war.

Canon EOS 60D / 85mm / f13.0 / 1/160 / ISO 160


Yes it looks like very y close from your windows. Nice photo with a nice sky!

One of the best sunsets ever on the West Coast of Scotland looking out onto the sea and islands!



Sometimes after sunset the sky give its more beautiful colors. Nice shot !


Thank you :)

Bonjour, ma participation au concours de @marc-allaria, coucher de soleil sur l'océan vu de mon village d'adoption en Andalousie


Au bout d'un certain temps, on commence à accumuler les villages d'adoption ! Belle ombre chinoise.

My entry is a shot I took on a beautiful evening at the village of Syvota, northwest Greece.


Camera: Canon EOS 7D Lens: Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 EX DC Macro Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture: ƒ8 ISO: 400 Shutter: 1/200 s


Nice sunset, and the flash on foreground gives something unreal at the photo. Great !


Thank you @marc-allaria!
Actually it's not flash, I used the adjustment brush in Lightroom :)


Noted !! I was sure about the flash ! Good post-prod!

Nice, I just published one:

I believe I didn't give EXIF in the original post:
Camera: Sony A6000
Lens: Sony E Pz 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS (@16mm)
F-stop: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/500 sec
ISO speed: ISO-100


Nice framing. Thank you for participating.

ND1000 ,409 sek f5.6 . Canon 6D


Thank you for participating @sawyn. Do not forget to upvote this article ! Good luck.


Thank You !!! 👍😉

hello here I leave my entry to this contest #seaphotography I hope you like it and win something ... this picture was taken with my digital camera on a vacation on the island of margarita Venezuela enjoy it

isla de coche.JPG


Thank you for participating @pedroelec. Do not forget to upvote this article. See guidelines. Good luck !


I uovoted now thakns

Hi @mark-allaria,
Here my entry for this contest.
The picture has been taken from St Jean-de-Luz beach with the Socoa fort on background.


Lumix FZ200 - 1/640s , f/4, ISO 100


Nice photo, thank you for participating.