Interview with PR and Marketing rep for Safex (SAFEX, SEC)

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I first heard of SAFEX from youtuber Vincent Briatore, an insightful investor who was the first youtuber to anticipate SAFEX coin surge. I wish i had listened to him. On May 5th, SAFEX's Marketcap was at $1,852,264, and the coin was worth $0,000863.
Screenshot (87).png
As of today, July 5th (2 months later), it has had a 3000% surge, with a marketcap of $59,794,105, and a coin price at $0,027844.
Screenshot (88).png
I had the pleasure of talking to Milan Radosavljević, the PR and Marketing representative for Safex Developers D.O.O. (LLC in English) about the reasons why we have seen such an amazing surge for SAFEX coin.

Q. Where are Safex Developers HQs located?
A. In Belgrade, Serbia

Q. How many people are working on this project?
A. There are 5 members in core team, and many others working on this project actively. The core team is compiled of, Daniel Dabek - Chief Architect, Pavle Alexić UI/UX Developer, Nikola Popović Creative Director, Marija Blešić Visual Designer, and me, Milan Radosavljević PR and Marketing.

Q. Who is in charge of the project?
Our Chief Arhitect, the person who created Safex is Daniel Dabek, but we, at Safex Developers, actively maintain and develop everything around Safex together.

Q. Why are we seeing such a huge surge the past few weeks?
A. As you probably know, many people who did even a little bit of research about Safex, knows that it’s most undervalue (until now) crypto on the market. People are starting to value something we're working on, and that's such a beautiful thing to see. We strongly believe that steady growth will continue and things we're planing to do will be confirmation of our dedication to cryptocurrency culture in general.

Q. What are your short term goals?
A. Since our base of operation is in Belgrade, our first target is to share knowledge about cryptocurrency culture, how it works, what is behind it, is it worth to the people in Serbia and on Balkans and then or even parallel with that, to the World. We know that in some countries, cryptocurrencies are still a taboo subject, but we tend to inform people that it is something changing the World right now, around all of us. Doing that, we're preparing our own decentralized marketplace, Chille Blockchain and many other things in the future. As you probably noticed, we already "upgraded" our forum, giving it more lifely and a fresh look. You can notice our new logo and all those little things that makes this project so beautiful and unique

Q. What can we expect from SAFEX in the upcoming days or weeks?
A. Oh we expect steady growth (smiles lightly) but on a serious note, there are a lot of interesting things we’re planning to do. Daniel Dabek’s speech and presentation on the Conference that is going to be held tomorrow in Poland is just one of many things. Stay put and you'll see that our website (I already seen it of course), Wallet will be light years from everything what's on the "market" these days. This project has actively started to develop in February and it's going beautifully. This is just one milestone that we're hitting, only one thing that we will deliver to our followers and people who believe in us. Don't forget about Chille Blockchain, because it will be another really big thing we're planing to deliver in upcoming months.

Q. That is so amazing, must be fun times for you guys, When will the Wallet come out?
A. Tomorrow (08-06-2017) will be the presentation of our Wallet and we will release it next Wednesday, 9th of August.

Q. Is it done on open source?
A. Yes, the code is open source.

Q. I absolutely believe the value of the coin is undervalued because the software you have created is worth an innumerable amount of money, it is a breakthrough, it's revolutionary and it will hopefully change the way we do business online. Is there anything else you would like to add?
A. We're trying to build something incredible here and it's great that people are finally seeing that. Daniel and the rest of us thinks that people from Serbia deserves that, to be recognized beside everything else, as a country where crypto is well known and accepted in everyday life of every person. As we speak, I believe Daniel and the rest of the team in Poland are having meetings with our loyal investors, who are with us since very beginning. Beside that, they are preparing for our presentation for tomorrow, actively working on a new website, wallet and many other things. Every member of our team is devoted to this cause and that's one of the things keeping us moving forward everyday.

I am no Vincent Briatore, but even I can tell we are going to see huge things from SAFEX.
As always, you should do your own research and invest wisely.

For more information, check their site and don't forget to also visit it tomorrow, because you will land to a totally new and cool design guys from Serbia prepared for you:

Happy investing.

All donations are welcomed:
BTC: 1M7W6YHwQ59W9Cv61y8gBLFL2yHLTvM5zY
BCH/ BCC: 12pFiSPVT3nGu1gwQ5Eo2zuUsCRAqTdNWb
SAFEX / SEC: 1At48PH3JQa1kpc6D2mtHGx2mNvF7nW5o8

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Thank you Vincent for making me aware of Safe Ex =) Had a great day today.

Nice article! Thank you =) I hope Safe Exchange will continue to make my jaw drop.

We should give credit to VIncent Briatore to have started raising the profile of this project . I hope you guys can deliver against you challenging roadmap. This huge crypto-hype could quickly move elsewhere if there will be delays to the Chille blockchain releases. I'm invested with almost 1M Safex coins and wish you good luck!

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@womanity did you do this interview in person?


No, Milan Radosavljević is in Serbia at the moment, we met up online. I will have another interview with Daniel Dabek in the upcoming days (Be sure to follow me and upvote this post). If you wish to check the legitimacy of the interview, you can write them a post on their forums, at

Nice article @womanity ! thanks for sharing!

Followed, upvoted and resteemend :)

Great article @womanity. Followed and resteemed.