Why Minnows Should Join This Top Secret Society Now Before They Can't Afford Not To.

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Are You Tired Of Writing High Quality Posts And Earning Nada, Zilch, Zero or Barely Anything At All?

First of all the things you are about to read will change your Steemit experience forever and possibly your life. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme then turn around. This article is going to shed some light on top secret societies that until now, no one knew existed. Not Only Will I Write About The Top Secret Society of 2018, But I'm going to walk you through step by step on how to Join the fastest growing SECRET COMMUNITY that might end up being the only community you ever have to visit again! How does that sound?


Look if you are new to Steemit you are probably trying to feel your way around and search for answers to many of your questions. Let me be clear you are not alone at being totally and utterly confused by all of the new terms and concepts. And when you search through post after post and search online for answers and try solutions just to find out they don't work anymore I hope you remember this post and find it again. Your future on Steemit really depends on it.

I'll explain why in just a minute but first let me tell you a story about how this One Community is about to dominate Steemit and take back this community for minnows just like you who really are the foundation of it all. I'll keep it brief and then start sharing this eternal knowledge with just a few people that read this post and no one else as these secrets are too good to share with just anyone.

Several months ago the founder of the secret community that I'm going to tell you about decided to be a disruptive force to the disruptive force. What does that mean exactly? After meeting minnow after minnow and reading thousands of new members posts, most of which were better than anything he had read in the trending and hot sections, he noticed a frightening mathematical anomaly. He noticed that minnow after minnow barely had any upvotes on their posts. After speaking to many of these people he was determined to attempt to never let a high quality post go without votes ever again.... But How Would One Person Do This? How would a minnow with 0.01 in upvote ever be able to make sure all high quality hard working minnows got their fair share of the rewards pool?

After meeting with several high ranking officials, and discussing possible solutions to the tragedy of low or no votes on minnows posts there was only one way that would make sense. There must be a secret minnow community created where members could learn from each other, share ideas and tips, support one anothers posts and one day even own there very own whale pools.



If one man were to start building such a platform it would need basic how to guides, tools that minnows could use to take advantage of top secret voting bots and a way for members to form groups and make real friends.

Now you know that a plan was underway but how would minnows actually use such a place? Someone said there used to be a place on Discord but many couldn't figure out how to sign up so they just gave up and quit. Other minnows said that they needed more than a chat room to be successful. Minnows that were talked to said what they wanted more than anything was to make real connections with real people and build something great for their future. Could such a place be built? If it could how long could minnows really keep it a secret?


Have you ever seen the trending section and thought."Wow I wish I could earn that much money from writing an article?" Have you been writing article after article and been told by countless people in comments, "Great Job!" "Awesome Post!" "Hey Follow Me!" and so much more but the rewards are just not there!

We get it, as we all were there at some point and many still are there. Writing post after post but struggling to really find our way. Several months back Steemit had an explosion of growth! Many of you might have been a part of the new wave of fresh faces joining the platform. After all of these people joined and started writing what do you think happened? One thing that happened was there were tons more posts written at the same time. Posts that used to hang around and get seen stopped being seen as they fell lower and lower in the timeline.

HERE IS THE SECRET WHALES DON'T WANT ME TO SHARE... Whales have money they have steem power and they have Steem Dollars. All of these new members were blown away at all of the great rewards being made on the the posts they seen. But time and time again no matter the quality of the minnow's post almost nothing was rewarded. The whales are able to buy UPVOTES from promotion bots! When they buy these upvotes their post appear to be more popular than they really are... This is totally fair right? Some say yes and some say no! No matter how you see it the truth is many of these new members would also upvote and follow the only posts they were seeing. This helped the whales grow an even bigger following while the existing minnows continue to fall into an economic depression.

After more rule changes and hard forks to make the system more fair it was clear to many minnows that used to from time to time receive upvotes from dolphins and whales that something MAJOR WAS GOING ON. Now there were never any whales coming by, there were never any dolphins the only people coming by were other minnows... Time and time again minnows were made to sit in the back of the bus while doing the majority of the works to keep the platform going.

Witnesses are just as guilty as anyone else for raping the rewards pool. Another Secret They Don't Want You To Know.

The only way minnows are going to effectively change the existing system to make it more fair is to basically kick out every existing witness and vote in new minnow witnesses that understand your plight. They don't tell you about why they want your vote so bad.... They are much like politician saying anything they think you want to hear to get your vote... Why is that and what do they really do to deserve your vote? Don't fall for a bunch of fancy gimmicks either. And Always Verify That They Are Working For You. Ask Questions and Demand Answers. If they hate you for it they don't deserve their job. Stand up for your rights even when you might lose some rewards. Do The Right Things.

Because Of All Of These Things And More You Have No Choice But To Leverage Your Votes And Stick Together If You Want To Succeed. You Have To Join The Top Secret Community For Minnows On Steemit.

This is not necessary a bad thing and here is why. Minnows often need a little assistance to take advantage of the way the platform is designed and communities can help you learn this stuff fast without wasting tons of time searching for answers.

Let's look at a few things where most minnows could use some help.

  • Before writing a bunch of blog posts it would be best to get some followers first... The best way to do this is to write thoughtful well written comments that add to or compliment an existing post on Steemit.
  • Another Way To Get Followers Is To Join The Secret Community And Join Some Groups When You Get There...(I'll give you the link in a minute)
  • Don't waste your upvotes... You only get about 10 - 20 descent upvotes per day usually. This includes comments and posts so don't just go clicking upvote on everything...Not a good idea.
  • Wait at least 15 minutes after a post has been created to upvote it... Why.. It is complicated just trust me...How can you know you can trust me? Look at all of the free knowledge I'm sharing with you plus I'm about to tell you exactly how to join the secret community that is going to change your life forever.
  • Make your first post count. Don't just say, "Hello Steemit, Upvote My Post.." This is not cool. Introduce yourself and share a picture of you holding up a sign with the day of your posting.
  • Use all of your tags. You get at least 5 generally so use them. The place you are about to learn about has a weekly list of the best tags to use and what to write about plus some classic games to help writers block.
  • Use great titles and learn markdown language... Here is a solid cheat sheet https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet.
  • Always Include A Photo and Give Credit Where Credit is due...(The Pictures In The Post Were Found On Pixabay) -or- ( I took these photos with my special camera with a special lens doing backflips)

Now that we got some very basic tips out of the way are you ready to learn about the best kept secret community on Steemit? The next few paragraphs will help you determine exactly why you should join this secret society and how to do it step by step.

21 Reasons Why You Should Join https://SteemThat.com

  1. SteemThat was built by minnows for minnows
  2. SteemThat helps minnows unite to focus on growth
  3. SteemThat's Motto: Helping Steemians Grow
  4. Loads of helpful guides and information
  5. Many minnows have found out about this secret community and everyone is joining
  6. Free Membership Is Limited and Will Not Last Long
  7. Create and Join Groups
  8. Connect with Real People In The Social Portal
  9. Make Friends, Write On Each Others Stream Timeline Feed and Private Message Each Other
  11. Support Each Other And Motivate Each Other To Greatness
  12. Build Several Community Whale Accounts This Community Whale Pool Is Now Automated With An Auto Share Feature... So You Can Feed Your Steemit Blog Post To SteemThat.com where other members can easily upvote, comment, follow and resteem plus as the Whale Pool grows so will you. (This is why membership is limited. To increase membership limits we will eventually charge a fee to become a member which we will use to increase the power of the Whale Accounts...
  13. Never before have minnows been able to unite and collectively create whale accounts for their own benefit.
  14. Most Places You Delegate Your Steem Power Or Donate Steem or SBD...That defeats the purpose of the community whale pools. Invest that into yourself.. We built our own ERC20 Ethereum Token so that you can hold onto something proving you deserve access to the website and the whale pool.
  15. When you purchase Steemish Tokens we invest 50% into the Whale Accounts That Auto Curate Your Posts When You Use The Auto Share Feature And Your Name Is Added To The List. The remainder is spent per the white paper with much of it being used to promote the token and fund enhanced development of the platform.
  16. You are more insulated from a bellyrub style scheme where you give someone your funds and hope they keep their end of the bargain. Not all of your participation is in one platform. Both the curation accounts and the Steemish tokens are growing in value.
  17. Steemish tokens will need to be purchased to pay for membership in the future... By assigning Steemish as the way to pay for membership the value of Steemish will essentially be determined by the value of membership. So members who support other members posts or donate extra funds to the community whale accounts actually create more value in the Steemish. As demand grows and the supply is limited and fixed we should see a steady fluctuation in price.
  18. Members will possess the most of the Steemish tokens and have a vested interest in the performance of both Steemit and SteemThat.com
  19. Minnows united have a stronger voice and by you joining today, in the future we will have a place at the table for discussions and hopefully impact positive changes for minnows on Steemit.com
  20. Now Earn Rewards On SteemThat.com and convert them into BlockChain Assets Called Steemish on Ethereum. Must Have A Compatible ERC20 Wallet. When you use the social portal now you also earn rewards. Sometimes you also will earn rewards for completing a task like Voting For Steemish To Be Listed On An Exchange..GO VOTE NOW!
  21. Your overall experience on Steemit will be better when you have a support system and you will stay longer and do great things verses getting frustrated and quitting.

We Seriously Want Quality Minnows That Get What We Are Doing And Want To Be A Part Of It All... Dolphins can come too just be ready to answer a ton of questions and help people out...

  • https://SteemThat.com doesn't have a lot of rules. Members can flag you and in severe cases with a majority of members asking that a member be removed a member can forfeit their internal rewards and be removed. Steemish tokens once in your wallet are yours to keep as we have no control over them.
  • Comment spammers beware... We have a built in bot that will pinch your earnings down fast once it determines you are spamming. There is zero notification and no reversals. Don't spam and you have no worries do spam and you will lose all rewards points fast!
  • Our Team has invested thousands of hours building one of the premier social platforms revolving around Steemit. In our next phase of development (post ICO) we will be integrating with Steem on a whole new level and creating special Pages like on Facebook that will auto populate with members Steemit Posts...We hope to also allow for remote upvoting, commenting , resteeming and following from SteemThat.com... Wallet featured powered by SteemConnect2.0 might also become available...

Enough Already How Do I Join This Secret Community And Take Advantage Of All Of The Benefits For Minnows?

It is so easy to join and here is the exact 3 steps you will need to take to get started. In the future you will have to buy steemish first to join and trade your steemish for membership.

The first thing you should do to join https://SteemThat.com is jump up and down and Scream Righteous Like This Guy...

Unlike That Guy You Will Get Off The Ground!


  • Fill out your information and check your email for confirmation. Remember the username you created.
    This is now mostly automated so is generally fast but sometimes we do get backlogged. In that event you can find a recent post and comment and ask me to fast track your account approval. Just be sure you give me your username.
  • Fill out your profile completely. Add a profile photo and banner. You will get a bonus for doing this.
    Be sure to add your Steemit blog link so that we can automatically connect with you and so others can connect with you on Steemit also.
  • Join some groups and start using the social portal! Make some friends and help each other grow!

Once you feel confident help support the community accounts either via delegation and our delegation tool or even better get something for your contribution and purchase Steemish Tokens.

Delegate Easily To Who You Want To Delegate To..png

Not Sure You Are Ready To Change Your Life Just Yet!

We understand there are several options available to you. You defiantly do not want to rush into anything.
We never take your Steemit earnings when you use our platforms unlike many that take unsuspecting members earnings. Be careful as most do not disclose their fees where minnows can understand it.

When you join https://SteemThat.com you will feel at home with family and friends and not have to worry that when you submit a post from there that you will lose half of your rewards. We can fully self fund basic operations but do need all minnows support on the growth of the community whale accounts and the advanced steemit integrations.

Take your time ask around and remember this... SteemThat.com is Helping Steemians Grow!


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