10 day pedal playing challenge day 1


I was thinking a lot what I could record for SOOP contest. I didn't learn any new pieces, that I could play well and I didn't want record something from sight-reading course (one voice too easy, 2 voices - too difficult). But I wanted to record something, that I didn't record before... something with pedals... So I decided to play this piece.

It is from 10 day pedal playing challenge by dr. Vidas Pinkevicius Day 1. Link to this course

This piece (or exercise?) is taken from Solfege Secondiere by Frederic Boissiere.

I'm not sure did I played it in right octave, because it is written in treble clef (I noticed it after several attempts to play it). Vidas Pinkevicius wrote, that it is possible to practice this exercise in the tenor and/or bass octave...

When I told words for contest in the end, I didn't see that my face is not visible... and quality of video is bad... But it was the best shot. At least it was visible, that I played, not someone else.

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