February 5, 2021--Chorale Prelude on Herzlich tut mich verlangen by G.P. Telemann

9개월 전

This is not the piece I intended to put up today. Originally, I had recorded a Festival piece on NICAEA using some of my new toys--A Snowball recording mic, OBS software attached to my Iphone for dual screen (feet and hands). Unfortunately, the recording sounded awful. Will use the microphone on the Iphone next time, or experiment with recording with the Snowball more.

Another Chorale Prelude by Telemann today. I like that these pieces are easy enough to pick up in a couple of run-throughs but also quirky in the way Telemann's music is. In this Chorale Prelude, each segment of the chorale tune is prefaced by an imitative section of two part polyphony. Interestingly, the tune (you may recognize it as the English "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded") is played in the bass voice. The score recommends either playing it on the manuals or using the pedals. As my Hauptwerk setup is still not with pedals, I opted for the former.

I played this on the Strassburg Hauptwerk Sample set by Piotr Grabowski. It was also the first time I tried to sync my Iphone with my desktop PC. I don't think it worked great--too much glitching and weird things with the phone. I promise to do better.

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