January 31, 2021--Chorale Prelude on O Traurigkeit, O Herzleid by Ethel Smythe

8개월 전

I stumbled across this piece accidentally while reading a Facebook Organists page. Someone asked for recommendations of lesser known Lenten pieces, and another member recommended this one. I turned to Youtube and listened to it and decided this would be something worth learning. I had already begun to work on Johannes Brahms Prelude and Fugue on O Traurigkeit, O Herzleid, but put it away in favor of Smythe's setting

The tune, played on a Cornet, is an elaborated version of the chorale over a contrapuntal accompaniment, here played by 8' and 4' flutes in the left hand and 16' and 8' flutes in the pedals. The harmonic language is very chromatic and Romantic. The accompanying fugue I will try to record next week.

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