March 17, 2021--Prelude #3 for Piano by Charles Dibley

7개월 전

Another one of the wonderful preludes that I have been learning by the American (South Dakotan) composer Charles Dibley. This is one of the simpler of the 12. The composer writes "Somber prelude and fairly simple in technique. Pay atention to the use of A and E naturals from measure 28 to the end. It is basically a musical "question" to the melancholy nature of the piece. The A and E also seem to give a bluesy quality to the harmonies."
I love the open sound of the piece with lots of open fifths between the two hands and the alternating back and forth between G and B-flat in the bass. It is almost atmospheric at times, much like an Impressionist composer would write. The final two chords are beautiful.

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