March 18, 2021--Chorale Prelude on Horsley by C.S. Lang

7개월 전

Today's work is a piece I sight read during a service in Nebraska. I didn't remember to bring my prepared prelude and had to quickly figure something out. It was in a book that I have kept in my car for teaching some organ lessons for manuals only. I absolutely fell in love with the piece. I had heard the name C.S. Lang associated with his Tuba Tune only in passing. The melody of the hymn tune appears in longer held notes in the upper part of the instrument while the lower tune parts move at a quicker pace. I just love the way the lines move against one another throughout the work. The registration for the piece was Bourdon 8', Nachthorn 8', Dulcan 8', and Harmonic Flute 4'.

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