March 9, 2021--In dich habe ich gehoffet by Georg Friedrich Kauffmann

7개월 전

A little gem of a piece today. Kauffmann's prelude on In dich habe ich gehoffet is a little fughetta based on the opening pitches of the chorale tune. The opening line is heard four times--first in the "tenor" part, then the "alto", followed by the "soprano". The "bass" presents the final statement of the theme bringing the work to a surprisingly quick ending. In a work by Bach or the Bach circle, this would have simply been a fugal exposition launching into a full blown fugue. I feel that this work fits into the original tradition of chorale preludes--where the organist introduced the melody and mood of the chorale in a brief work immediately before the congregation would sing it. Brief, introduces the main opening line four times, and has a confidence to it that fits the opening line of the chorale: "For you I have hoped, Lord".

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