May 18, 2020--Practice Blog in the time of the virus

4개월 전

I had a very nice, lazy day. I didn't even get out of pajamas. Our internet was out this morning, so I spent most of the morning reading and practicing piano. Started re-reading George Ritchie's book on Modern and Early Organ Technique. Also, started re-reading Abby Whiteside's book on the Chopin Etudes. Unfortunately, no organ practice today. Ended up finishing the day trying to complete Star Wars: Fallen Jedi on my Play Station. At the final battle!

ON the piano, I worked on a two accompaniments that need to be recorded soon. Tried out some new fingering on the Fugue in C major from WTC I. Also, worked on two Mendelssohn Songs Without Words (One is above. Need to get piano tuned.) Finished the day with Chopin's Mazurkas Op. 7 no. 1 and 2.

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