Leaked Keys and Passwords

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By now everyone knows that a good hound will track anything down. This is why @mack-bot is always one of first warnings you get when something went wrong, be it related to exploitation or to compromise.

Compromised Accounts

All compromised accounts will be added to @mack-bot as a default, not just in extreme cases, and kept on for a little less than a week to allow for ample time for active users to notice.

Keys Defender by @gaottantacinque

The latest in compromise detection tools is a bot created by @gaottantacinque, a developer and security specialist. If you have compromised your keys by copy/pasting them in a transaction, you will most likely start seeing memos from his @keys-defender bot. It's purpose is to catch all instances of leaked keys. It reports the findings directly to the owner of @mack-bot, @guiltyparties.

You can read and support his post here: https://steemit.com/steem/@gaottantacinque/the-keys-defender-bot-is-live-in-beta-mode

Posting Key Leak List

If your account is on the following list and you haven't changed your keys yet, change them now and let us know you have changed them in the comments below:

You must tell us you have recovered full control of your account to be taken off the list!

As always, accounts that have their private posting keys leaked will keep getting listed in @mack-bot posts. Accounts that have their passwords or active keys leaked will be notified directly where possible or be processed through other means.

To help support his work, 50% of this post's beneficiary has been set to @gaottantacinque. You may also tip him as you see fit through a direct transfer, particularly if he helped secure your account.

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A valuable service for steemit and the steem blockchain. You are to be commended. Thanks @gaottantacinque and everyone else involved :>) (will donate)


It's surprising to see how often people leak their keys.

Thank you so much for doing this!


!giphy you're welcome! :)

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ATTENTION @steemflagrewards...
March 15, 2020... 13.3 Hollywood Time...

So what's the reason behind you flagging my account???

Hello to the whole team!
I would like to stop receiving your negative votes, I rectify what I did wrong, now we will move on ... Thanks in advance!

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