Home Security Cameras - Ethics, Security, and Privacy

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The article has aggregated a good collection of basic tips for the ethics of home security cameras.  

Article Link:  The doorbells have eyes: The privacy battle brewing over home security cameras 

One thing missing is that the industry promotes continuous revenue streams via cloud hosting of video files.  While that provides an easy way for everyday customers to store and watch their surveillance records, it also introduces more risk for camera hacks, privacy violations, and data breaches.  

Personally, I would like to see more vendors allow options for locally hosted files.  Savvy users could then store and secure the recordings on home PC's instead of somewhere in the cloud.  This keeps the security and privacy control with the home owner.  Although not for everyone, I think it is a great additional option that would eventually become more user-friendly.  

Unfortunately, not many major players are doing this currently.   I find myself cobbling parts and pieces to assemble a system that I can trust, which meets my needs.  I am looking forward to the day when a reputable vendor comes out with hardened products that don't require a monthly cloud-storage fee and will store files locally on a system I designate and control.   

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It makes me uneasy when I think about someone looking at me when I come home.

I like the idea of watching the exterior of my home, especially the entry, but always concerned with who can use those cameras to watch me!

I'm not sure about them i mean you can hack them a have control of this cameras and use that information as you want so until we have more privacity in this kind of products i think people wont buy them in mass. Regards