So the question is what happens if powerhouse with 1 000 000 SP powers down?

6년 전

I found that powering down of some powerhouses is happening due to to hacker attack.

Here are some facts on how I understand it and how it works.

  1. People start losing faith in platform. Its not realy reason to lose faith, because if they power down that dosn't mean they are selling for money.
    In case where they would sell it for money which is thier own right, that would be case to think.
  2. By powering down those powerhouses in a way admit I'm not he smartest person here so my vote should not be so strong and I should let other peoples votes mean similary to mine vote.
  3. So the reason why powerhouses don't power down is 1. point I made and becuse they belive there is more room for growth (since your money is as far I understand multiplying most if its in SP)
  4. Most sane and right way for powerhouses is indeed to power down since by powering down they would aknowledge others thoughts and points to be vaild as theirs and everbody would benefit. 99% of powerhouses earned their rightfull power and what they do with it is their thing what they do with it.
  5. Powerdown takes a long time 2 years in weekly payments, and even when then powerhouse have major power during that time, and its right way to be if we can agree on point that their power is rightfully earned in first place.
  6. This might get on shrap side of knife and I don't really believe in it but here it is maybe hacker did their atttack and powering down to give us more freedom and power, althrough that is not the right way to fight for freedom.

Am I right, am I wrong ?
Give me some knowledgle (because i'm slow but worthy student).

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My suggestion would be to treat at the amount the you could distribute during one day. like if you have ten coins you could create a tenth of that per 24 hours so if you up vote 10 thing they each get like a tenth of that or something idk but you have interesting suggestions for sure.


You must learn about voting power:
You can see your voting power below on steemd.
Is kinda distributed like you said but in other fashion. With something called V-shares and R-shares i but this is bit technical and oudated too, but can help you a bit.
In post above i try to explain what happens with ecosystem when poweringdown of powerhouse is going on.
Here are some nice stats about anyone you can change @ part withsomeone elses name
And mandatory for understanding how thing here wotk is by reading whitepaper explanations its lenghty and technical but has some graphis explanation to understand how it all works.

if someone huge powers down, and sells, steem will go down as a result. but only if lots of whales do it are we at risk. one or two and price will go back up, look at the current trendline on bittrex. Also I am working on my own website and if steemit fails I have a vehicle of success no matter what! but I believe in the steem! For now atleast, and I am very confident right now :D


Im not sure about numbers, but what I fear is that people will pay out most of the steem dollars they earn. Because its so tempting to take profits which are earned in some ways just to see if they are real. I'am thinking that it is something that could drain this platforms wealth. But I hope that creators had it in mind while creating it. Its not that there won't be much steem, but how much will be price of steem is you can cash out half of your earnings in steem dolars every day.

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