Self-forgiveness 1-16-19

2년 전

Something I have noticed within myself is a tendency to want to implement changes from the perspective of mind-over-matter rather than making decisions within the moment.

There is something about control in wanting to believe that I have conceived of the solution to a life-problem and am thus solely, or at least largely, responsible for its successful implementation. This approach feeds my ego but the fact that I can reach a place where I believe myself to having these 'Eureka-moments' in a bubble / vacuum and thus can somehow channel all the positive results of the change towards myself indicates a red flag in terms of how much positive energy I've invested in this idea.

Just as the world helped to shape my current problems, access to tools such as self-writing and self-introspection as espoused by Desteni as well as the feedback from Destonians walking their own self-change processes have contributed to my ability to notice, self-forgive, and transform these problems. Thus, a preference over sitting in my room and conceiving of solutions to implement with an emphasis on how these solutions can help me alone versus using what I have learned to make snap decisions in the Moment indicates a selfishness in my approach to self-change.

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Hey Tyler :)

I think allowing ourselves to sit and be introspective is a true gift; not to be confused with hiding behind our desire to sit and self reflect due to fear of the unknown. However I believe more than anything in giving ourselves the grace, time, space and positive thoughts that many of us allow strangers far more frequently than we do ourselves.

Be good to yourself :)

xo, b.