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We all have fought for FREEDOM previously and once we've got it we are now in the situation when we still have to look for complete freedom in different fields of life that we are surrounded with everyday. The stadium has changed but the game is still the same !

When it comes to one of the most widely used stuff these days namely Internet, we are using it every day in, every day out but we are not completely having power of deciding what to consume upon the web rather we are given out a choices from which we have to choose our pick. And that's what is simply manipulating the way we see the web and the perception about it that grows within us which can be misleading at times.

This is simply the practise known as Internet Restrictions where access to content or websites is cut off or the stuff is completely taken down for a while sometimes permanentely too and the reasons for the same do vary from situation to situation. Mostly this manipulation is done by the governing body of a nation which wants the citizens to see only what they wanna show as well as also supresses potential threats which can be neutralized or some stuff which the body feels isn't healthy for the nation. Whatever the reason is, the citizens are at the end of the day the ones who are affected with limited choice or a choice which is forcibly put upon them.

Well the same practice is visible throughout the globe across all countries, the only difference the way it is imposed and the scale on which it is done. In the case of mine I too am having certain restrictions imposed by the government of my country. I am a resident of India, a country often termed as one of the most rapidly growing nations, the biggest democracy and many other good tags are present with our country's name but as it is with most of the other countries, the world is too shown by us like we wanna let them see it.

In India, access to a large number of content is blocked most of which includes pornographic sites although some more international servers are not allowed to connect with Indian IP adresses for unknown reason though the government has simply stated they've just stepped up Internet surveillance and pressure on technical service providers and also rejected accusations of censorship. But that's not completely true, in my country restrictions are also imposed by taking down certain posts uploaded upon social media and sometimes taking down an entire social media itself too ! Like in the case of TikTok.



Not only this, there are many other examples of the same move by the government such as the case of Cryptocurrencies. In India, crypto is neither banned nor is legal to use which keeps it in an hanging position of uncertainity regarding it's future just to make sure noone gets away without paying them taxes which is not possible in the case of Cryptocurrencies as it is mostly based on a blockchain technology. Indian government has also PROPOSED a 10y JAIL SENTENCE for anyone Holding, selling or dealing in cryptocurrencies in India. But at the same time a case has been filed in the Supreme Court of India regarding the matter and with a demand of accepting cryptocurrencies like many of the advanced countries have already done but the case is just going on and on from a very long time and that's the reason crypto is neither legal nor illegal in India !

One more prime example is of the unexpected intentional internet shutdowns at certain places in th nation. This thing has been done multiple times mostly the reason being stated as a safety measure to keep the situation going out of controls and turning into massive riots or any violent activity. In one of the Union Territory of India, namely Ladakh and Kashmir, in those valleys the internet isn't accessible most of the times throughout the year and a curfew is observed in that place and that too from a very prolonged time period.

So that's a rough picture of the way internet is restricted in India and the way the Indian government observes manipulated data through the web that the citizens are given to consume.

There's another perspective in this matter which is the government's point of view in this case which is that they always wanna keep the safety of the country ensured in the optimum level and in order to maintain that sometimes the general services such as internet has to be manipulated by which risks or threats which can be avoided are avoided. Though these things do deal some problem to the normal people of the nation but eventually most of the times it has been fruitful for us and has been disasterous when we neglected it.

This was my presentation regarding the contest hosted by @upmewhale upon the TOPIC: Restricted & Unrestricted Internet - Freedom World.

Every thing written above is originally written by the author and the sources have been mentioned of the photographs used :)

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