3rd round AMA 10 hot question from selfsell fans in chinese,English,spanish and korea....

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Thank you for taking your time in the 3rd Round of AMA. We have gathered 10 hot questions from SelfSell fans in Chinese, English, Spanish and Korea communities.

The third AMA question list

  1. What is the role of SSC in the future of SelfDax and the entire ecology?

  2. How many people in SelfSell's technical department, what is the division of labor?

  3. Personal digital assets are really valuable. Is SelfSell blockchain prepaired for quantum computers hacking attacks? What are you doing about it?

  4. About the last partnership announced by Selfsell with Asia Communication, what products and services are you going to develop? I mean they have have so many products.

  5. Why the development is so late considering the original road map?

  6. How is the application of blockchain technology embodied in the SelfSell ecosystem?

  7. What is the difference between the SelfSell main chain and other public chains, and what is the reason of the design?

  8. ERC-20, ERC-721, ATP1.0, QTUM, BTM, STELLAR, what is the difference between issuing digital assets on different public chains?

  9. Is inserting the function of token payments in an existing scenario complicated? What is the most difficult part of this process? Does SelfSell have a solution?

  10. What technical support does SelfSell provide for JR10, and what is the significance of this in JR10 ecosystem?

Do you have more questions regarding SelfSell product and technology? Feel free to drop your questions in the group!

Mr Liu Ligong has provided detailed answer to the above 10 questions and our PR team are working on the translation in 4 languages now. We will share the answers to you later.😀

Thank you for your continuous support!

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