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💫SelfSell Weeky Bounty Quiz Round 2018/9/21_2018/9/24💫

🔥🔥BIG NEWs! JR10 token will be listed on on September 27th.
SelfSell is going to hold a big event to celebrate the listing of JR10 token. This week's bounty quiz is a warm-up for the coming celebrations for JR10 token launch.

Please kindly find this week's bounty rules as below:

1️⃣Step1: Win 10 SSC
*Follow SelfSell official twitter
*Retweet the pinned post and write your option number in the retweet.

2️⃣Step2: Win 20 JR10 tokens
*Join #JR10 token discussing group

3️⃣Step3: Win 10 JR10 tokens
*Answer the question "What function and utility do you want the JR10 token to have? " and drop the answer to JR10 token group.

⚠️Event starts from September 21th and ends on Monday, September 24th.
You will be able to get the rewards after you complete all above steps.

SelfSell App downloading links:

(Android version):

(iOS and Android version):

Good luch and happy weekend!😀

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