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Welcome to the SelfSell weekly report.

This report provides an update from the Selfsell team on tech progress as well as business advances and community activities.

Product Development Progress
SelfSell App JR10 transaction function development and testing, completed 80%.
SelfSell App JR10 auction function development and testing, completed 30%.
SelfDax promotion event UI interface development, completed 30%.
SSC locked amount: 159683194.20254 SSC
Diamond plan: 117757813.35965 SSC
Gold Plan: 21671943.76012 SSC
Business Cooperation
SelfSell will cooperate with BEPAL to distribute a series of JR10 Token gift cards in the mid-September, around the Mid-Autumn Festival. The gift cards will be given away to SelfSell fans who attend our off-line meet-ups and the JR10 tokens stored in the cards can be withdrawn to SelfSell App. This is a key step for JR10 token to be used in real life.

For more news about JR10 Token use case, please do follow us on twitter SelfSell.

SelfSell will attend the 2018 World Industrial Blockchain Forum in Jeju Island, South Korea.

Community Activities
ROUND III: AMA with CTO and Co-founder of SelfSell — Mr. Ligong Liu

The Third Round of SelfSell Official AMA Begins!

As a vertical ecosystem of personal value digitization service project, SelfSell has completed the product matrix of the mainnet(SelfSell blockchain), wallet, investment and financing platform and exchange. SelfSell can help everyone achieve a personalized definition and liquid circulation of one’s value and potential.

So you may have some questions about SelfSell technology as below:

How does blockchain technology apply to SelfSell ecosystem?

What is the difference between SelfSell blockchain and other public blockchains? What the reason behind the specific design of SelfSell main chain?

Say, what is the difference among the popular cryptocurrencies issued on different blockchains:ERC-20,ERC-721,ATP1.0,QTUM, BTM and STELLAR?

Also, is it easy to apply personal token payment function to real life? What’s the most difficult point during the process and how SelfSell solve these difficulties?

If you have above questions or any more queries regarding SelfSell technology, please don’t hesitate to drop your questions to our Twitter @self_sell or send to SelfSell telegram group from NOW on. Our CTO Mr Liu Ligong will give a detailed answer to your question on Tuesday, September 11th. The question submitter will get 10~100 JR10 tokens as activeness award.

SelfSell CTO & Co-founder Mr Liu Ligong on 아시아경제TV
Trading Exchange
You can now trade SSC at the exchanges below :
• BitInka:
• SelfDax:

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