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Hello, sect.

The world is changing very quickly. What was relevant only 20 years ago (VHS, audio tapes, jeans boiled) now has no value. Moreover, this process of devaluation of values ​​and trends is accelerating every year.
For example, those American companies that in the 70s were part of the popular stock index S & P500 (the coolest companies in the USA) had, on average, been there for about 35 years. In 2025, the figure will be reduced to 15 years at best. Everything flies, everything changes. What you can earn now will become useless in 10-20 years (if lucky), and even earlier.

However, the skill to sell is always in price. Regardless of stock index and popular trends. And even if in 20 years we stop using cash, and all consumption will occur online, this skill (sell) will always remain in the price. If you know how to sell, then you do not care what and how changes. There are always people around who consume goods and services. There is always money around or something that will replace them that are used for exchange. So the ability to sell will ALWAYS give you the opportunity to get everything you want.

The person who knows how to contact people (yes, yes, hello to prof. Savelyev) is the best selling person.
The ancient brain is a simple guy. He is primarily concerned with issues of survival (dangerous / safe, satisfying / hungry, sexually / disgusting, etc.). I will tell you one famous story on this subject. There is such a neuromarketologist (the science of how to brainwash that a person wants to buy) Patrick Renvoyze. Recently visited from an expensive restaurant in San Francisco ....

At the entrance to the restaurant Patrick clipped a local bum. In his hands he had a sign with the inscription PLEASE HELP A HOMELESS PEOPLE! The marketer proposed a homeless $ 2 on one condition: he would allow him to change the inscription for 2 hours. Homeless agreed. Two hours later, he returned to Patrick and, choking on saliva with happiness, began to thank the marketer for the “new inscription”. The homeless's income in two hours was 60💲 against the usual 2-10💲.

What is the trick? The inscription on the plate: WHAT IF IF YOU HAD BEEN HUNGRY?
Why did the sale (in the broad sense, this sale) prove to be so effective? There are a number of explanations:

1️ There is no direct request to give / buy something (it is indirect in the form of a question and a person of the type decides to give).

2️ Instead of focusing on their feelings / needs, there is an emphasis on the feelings of the buyer (the ancient brain is an egoist. Their feelings are more important than others)

3️ Played on vital vital needs (food and hunger are especially understandable in the ancient brain). And it doesn’t matter that the homeless can then spend the money on a booze. The feed deals with food for survival.

4️ The greater the contrast between the decisions, the easier it is to make a “right” choice. I am full - he is hungry. This is obvious and contrasted (there are no many intermediate and controversial options like “I have no money for a ticket to go home”)

❓JOB # 1. You sell phones. Come up with an effective feed for buyers of different ages and genders.

❓JOB # 2. You are in elections. Come up with a feed for the rich and for the poor.

❓JOB # 3. You want a girl from a wealthy family. Come up with a feed for her parents.

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Really powerful insight !! But if you want to sell this post to all steemit users - upskill your English (and if you don't have time to do that then use Google Translate together with 3rd Party Validation).