Why aren't you getting the success?

4년 전

Here is the Answer

I have seen many new bloggers who are working on Adsense Site A, Amazon Site B, and Youtube Channel C.

Because they are beginner bloggers who are working on many sites simultaneously for the hope of getting quick success.

If you're among 'em, you need to stop doing this right now.

If you're alone and have no team, I would NEVER recommend working on many things at the same time.

At Google, they believe in "Fail Fast, or Success Fast and then Work on a New Idea If they Fail."

Apply the same to your new blog.

When you work on many sites, you divide your focus, concentration, and energy.

In simple words:

  1. Focus on one goal at a time, I mean one blog at a time.

  2. Your to-do list would be more concise and will have a few tasks with high-quality time to grow your blog traffic otherwise you would have more tasks, but less quality

  3. In this approach, you will get success fast, or fail fast.

When you come to know that you have selected a bad niche despite of doing all hard work, you can select another niche and start working again.

[Failure is not a bad thing until you're learning from your mistakes]

  1. You will enjoy your work, even 1-2 hours per day would be enough otherwise you need 3 to 6 hours for each site.

  2. Your brain will help you to get ideas how you can make your site better due to more focus POWER.

The first and second blog of many bloggers got a flop, but then they got the success due to continuous hard work, and they didn't give up.

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