Day 43- Redefining and Living Separation

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Original Post: Day 43- Redefining and Living Separation

Self-Allocation Point:

Separation is probably the defining characteristic of my main personality system as the class clown, the black sheep, "the different one." I can see within and throughout my childhood how I have come again and again to define myself as separate from others, separate from myself, and separate from the existence which I have come from and am a part of. I have placed a negative polarity charge on separation, where I have avoided receiving the word separation. To me, it is defined as bad, negative, undesirable, and something to be avoided. I did not want to be viewed as separate, so I developed behavior patterns which would attract attention to me so that I could avoid the experience of separation. As long as I was receiving attention from others, how could I be alone? And yet, such attention was the result of manipulative behavior patterns = not best for all.

Dictionary Definition:

1: the act or process of separating: the state of being separated
2: a: a point, line, or means of division
b: an intervening space: GAP
3: a: cessation of cohabitation between married couples by mutual agreement or judicial decree
b: termination of a contractual relationship (such as employment or military service)

Sounding of the Word:


Sep- Septic
Are- Existing
Ation- Nation

Septic- Toxic
Existing- State of Being
Nation- The externalized manifestation of internally-created toxicity
; the compounded manifestation of separation

Creative Writing:

Separation is the internal and external manifestation of toxicity
Separation is the state of living abuse internally and externally
Separation is internal and external manifested abuse that is unacceptable

Final Definition:

Separation is the expression of each one's uniqueness within oneness and equality

Does my definition represent what this word stands for?

Is my definition free from polarities?

Can I stand by this definition into infinity?
For a guide on this redefinition process, check:

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