Please kindly give 21 Seconds a Day to our Blockchain

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I know you truly believe in STEEM, I hope you’ll give 21 seconds of your valuable time to participate in SEVEN77, I promise it’s only take 21 seconds and here is the proof

We’re now almost 231 people participating SEVEN77 Challenge to bring STEEM awareness exclusively via Twitter

Can I kindly ask

1 @project7
2 @sharpshot
3 @igormuba
4 @sorin.lite
5 @xr-hammergaming
6 @mcoinz79
7 @future24
8 @coruscate
9 @karensuestudios
10 @livinguktaiwan
12 @bobaphet
13 @veenang
14 @acromott
15 @joannewong
16 @anomadsoul
17 @nanzo-scoop
18 @petrogy
19 @mrprofessor
20 @brittandjosie
21 @heimindanger

to join us with SEVEN77 before 1st May ?

Hope you’ll join us with SEVEN77 to make $7.77 $STEEM a reality this year

How to join SEVEN77

(SEVEN77Challenge ‬-7 push-ups for 77 days )

Step 1: ‪Write at least one reason why you believe in STEEM ‬or the potential you see with STEEM

Step 2: Use #‪STEEM #SEVEN77 hashtags and mention @ NathanMars7‬

Step‪ 3: Tweet the raw video of your 7 push-ups directly (NO link please and push-ups can be creative and it can be simple as raising your eyebrows 7 times!) with step 1 & 2

Repeat this steps for 77 days and days doesn’t have to be consecutive

Read more about SEVEN77

Thanks a million

If you’re already participating in SEVEN77 then please feel free to use this post as a template to invite 7 true believers of STEEM and help us to reach our April Mission of having 777 participants in SEVEN77 and if every participant bring 2 new STEEMians each then we’ll collectively can celebrate April Victory and start moving forward with May Mission

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#seven77 💙 LOVE ♩♬

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곰돌이가 @bluengel님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.012을 보팅해서 $0.011을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 4369번 $49.929을 보팅해서 $55.241을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~


고마운 곰도뤼~♥

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I disagree it should be 7, 77 seconds or 777 seconds
so I suggest 77 seconds :)


Here is the proof for SEVEN77Challenge participation only takes 7+7+7 (21) seconds

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Ok boss please add me in your blockchain my twitter account aamkn6590


What’s your Twitter handle please ?

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Thank you for this valuable post. You are helping steemians much. Thank you again

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I appreciate your encouragement.

Please kindly consider participating in SEVEN77

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You have let me out brother. I have been participating in the 7pushup for 77days right from day one even when my twitter account was blocked I still managed to get another one.


Do you mean you don’t want to continue with SEVEN77 anymore ?

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I'm getting block on twitter but I'm still in brother. I will share a video soon and tag you on it on twitter


thanks brother i Really appreciate it

I like this initiative. We need more efforts like this to promote steem and bring more users here for the benefit of everyone.


Thank you so much

We're looking forward to your participation in SEVEN77

Funny that this post currently has $6.66 rewards. I can't make it $7.77 with my vote.

Just about to do my day 42


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