SEVEN77 Twitter Movement : It takes 7+7+7 seconds of your time to make $7.77 $STEEM a reality this year

2년 전


Evidence : It actually took me less than 21 seconds

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oh my god help me friend tell me how I need to live in venezuela thank you ..

oh por Dios ayudame amigo dime como los necesito vivo en venezuela gracias..


I came from worst place than Venezuela right now

Never underestimate the power of believing in yourself


hola amigo estuve en twiter y te vote y restem tu informacion vi que se trata de actividad fisica te dejare un video aqui haciendo un poco de bailoterapia para perder peso que gane con mi embarazo espero se motiven y tambien cuiden sus cuerpos que es el templo mas hermoso donde habita Dios..

no soy bailarina pero me gusta bailar mucho saludos ..

I was little worried I'd get bored after a bit..
I figured this out when I did the planks challenge
But now that I can be creative... hey, it's turning out to be fun
So will finish what I started ;)


I’m trying to make easier and simpler for everyone so that we can enjoy our STEEM journey

Learned from my past mistakes

At least everyone now know what’s our common goal of #SEVEN77 Twitter Movement


Steem all the way
As far as it can go :)

Feel sorry If my push ups not to be creative. But I always try to take a moment join with seven77 family. Doing my best.

Thanks for your time to maintanance Steem Hustlers to keep going :)

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Please don’t feel sorry.

I’m not measuring the creativity but rather consistency and impact of coming together in achieving the common goal of $7.77 $STEEM

Definitely, less than 21 second, I'll do my best on my part to make 7.77$ a reality,


You’re always contributing to our Blockchain brother!

Let’s do this :)

Can start a cult based on 7 then build a commune where everyone only use STEEM to buy and sell.


Our Blockchain has unlimited potential

We need to differentiate beggars from builders

Certain DApps rewarding mechanism rewarding beggars more than the actual contributors

Retweeted and followed.... I'm keying into this movement


Thanks a million brother

Looking forward to your participation

A 77 upvote... hope it helps!!

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I don’t want upvotes

I want $7.77 $STEEM

Yes, I am already doing this great action within less than 21 second.

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The potential is there and you sure are putting a lot of energy into motivating everyone to keep going! thank you for that!

Thanks for shareit I tried to use this challenge.

21 seconds for 21 century #steem On to the 💙 Universe ! ♩♬

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Simple and straightforward my friend! Paving the way on Twitter and Steem!

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