Why sometimes girls more easily agree to oral sex than to traditional

2년 전


Hello everyone, a little reasoning and psychology ... Think about something, I'm not a gift, I did not accept you, I'd like it. You do not need to be a prostitute, friendship won ... Wait.

So today I want to answer the question why sometimes girls behave in such a way that they agree to oral sex easier than to classics. If the girl is ready, all the same, and thus says No No No, just someone, I'm not like that. Why is this happening, because in the girl there is a contradictory struggle between the Good Bad.

Bad you (this is intimate behavior) that says that here I want this young man. I need to have sex with him, it's a bad side, so indecent patience ... YOU are a prostitute, it's not good or even a friend who finds out. This is what - the struggle between light and dark, you do not need to be like a prostitute. Do not do this. Pause!

And the girl is she tossing back and forth and therefore, but you understand that yes. She says good so see not even half if she makes a blow job, it's not so scary if she had sex with him ... If there was just a blow job like sex was not, I'm good! And the Wolves are full and the sheep are safe, the girl thinks about this when she agrees to oral sex but does not agree with the traditional ...

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