10 Ways Men Can Have More Intense Orgasms

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Who doesn't want more intense orgasms? Anyone? You, in the back...?

Of course men want more intense orgasms. Those knee-knocking, soul-shaking, eyes rolling back in the skull orgasms.

What exactly pushes a man beyond a normal orgasm? How do you get to Intense Orgasm from regular, Tuesday night orgasm? Here are 10 tips to having a mind-numbingly intense orgasm if you're of the male persuasion:

Eat Clean.

A well known culprit of erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure. You want to ensure that your pipes are clean and flowing, in every sense. Take care of the rest of your health so your Better Third can take care of you. And her.

Deep Breathing.

An old kama sutra trick from way back, deep breathing not only improves your circulation, lending you a little more lung for staying power; breathing deeply also gets more oxygen flowing out into your bloodstream for that extra pep in your step. Go ahead and inhale, then inhale some more. It can only help in the grand scheme of things.

Get out of your head, and into your bed.

Don't get lost in your thoughts, lest you wind up on the second stroke down to flaccid town. It is a well known fact that thinking about your mortgage, your mother-in-law, or your matriculation can bring you right back from the ledge. Focus on the scene unfolding before you, the physical. Leave your thoughts where you leave your clothing- outside of the sheets.

Captain Kegal, reporting for duty...

Everyone knows that Sir Kegal should have been knighted for the brilliant work he did to get your wife back to pre-baby size, but a lot of folks don't know that men have Kegals also. Your pelvic floor muscles, the muscles you use to control your stream of urine, or to, ahem, provide a hook for your towel to hang on. That's them. Strengthen them by using them for the fun tasks I just mentioned, or see what kind of cool tricks you can get yours to do. Nobody is judging you here, big guy.

These are your Fathers' toys, Andy...To infinity and beyond!

There are so many toys these days, and not just rabbits and pocket pals, either. Have you tried a vibrating cock ring? Say it with me. Vibrating. Cock ring. If that doesn't have intense orgasm written all over it, it's because there wasn't room to print all of that on the device.

Let's get closer to the edge...

Edging is technically the act of decreasing your main mans stimulation prior to climaxing. In other words, holding back until it can be held back no more. The longer you put it off, then bring it back, then put it off, the more geyser-like of a reaction you're going to experience.

Play Ball!

Yes, that's right, those guys are invited to the party also. I know normally they're just hanging around, looking ridiculous and making some unattractive slapping sounds, but they are the forgotten jewels of The Land of Incredible Orgasm. Massage them, let her lick and caress them. They've been the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of this tryst for long enough. Let's bring them in on the action, and watch the difference in your reaction.

Squeeze from the bottom of the tube, as advised by the American Dental Association.

Try this time tested trick: Wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base of the shaft, and give it a squeeze. It's similar to stopping the flow through a siphon hose.. The longer the squeeze, the longer the build up to blast off. See also; "These are your Fathers' toys, Andy..." . In case you don't have the firmest grip on reality in the heat of the moment, they have accessories that will do this laborious task for you.

Yes, that's where we're going. We're heading around the corner...

We're taking the train to the G spot. All Aboard! Now, this trek off of the beaten path is still known to strike fear in the genitalia of some men, but it has become a much more widely accepted practice as of late. Try having your partner lube two fingers, and begin by massaging your perennial area, slowly working up to insertion. It could take a few times to find the sweet spot, so don't get discouraged. Massaging the G spot will transform you into the Old Faithful of the orgasmic. You'll have no problem figuring out when she's found the place. You'll both know relatively quickly, wink-wink.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't mention a few of the "classics" that made it to the runner up category, but aren't going home with a tiara and sash.

Ladies, try giving him a "night off". Let him lay back and enjoy the show, while you take the lead. There seems to be a 50/50 split consensus on this method, as some men find it difficult to reach the point of orgasm once they relinquish control. The other half find it to be relaxing and just as good as waxing. This is just going to be based on your personal preference.

Also in the runner up category, the "tease" method. Abstain for a day or two. Then, ask your girl to send you a nip pic while you're at the office. The combined result of build up meets the build up, and the effects can be quite monumental. However, I do my best not to advise anything with abstinence in the definition as I'm writing an article about more intense orgasms. It just seems counterintuitive.

So, there you have it. If you'll give a few of the techniques on this list the old college try, I'm sure that you can find a method suited to you and Captain Spaulding. Also, in the off hand chance that none of these particular techniques is for you, you just had the opportunity to test ten different nude yoga poses in the name of science. All in all, that's a postulation I wouldn't mind attempting to disprove on a daily basis.

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