Sex Robot Brothels Have Become So Popular That Prostitutes Are Being Replaced With Dolls

5년 전

Is it any wonder what the powers that shouldn't be do for depopulation #Eugenics Agenda 2030 & 21. These robots are like the Terminator with a Wig. In the article, brought up Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna, tried the sex doll and described it just like sleeping with a corpse. Plus, they are marketing this s*** to the nth degree, making it affordable, attractive, etc.

The Family Unit are systematically breaking down by Illuminati agenda, not just the decline of marriages, homosexual agenda, jezebel spirit, etc. According to this article "Bl. Lucia dos Santos famously said, that the final battle will be over marriage and the family."

Then, the history is Egalitarianism began "during the French Revolution and took form in the first wave of the sexual revolution beginning in the 19th century with the early feminist movement." They were trying to make Men and Women "have not separate but equal roles in society owing to natural, biological distinctions, but to prepare in the minds of the public that men and women are absolutely equal in the egalitarian sense." Second stage was separating sexual activity from procreation. Thus promoting promiscuity for women just as men via egalitarianism without immediate social consequences.

Even the Transgenderism makes it much worse by playing god, breaking down the family unit, counterfeit gender, increased in diseases, and suicide rates by 40%. Biologically women are different from men, period. As far as other roles are concerned, some are better in this role than others. Yes, women need to accept the "God-given role in society as wives, mothers, and the heart of the family." What happened to responsibility and accountability of both the man and the woman, be the parents, not obedient slaves to the government?

Certainly don't want the State/Government raising your children is what's happening in countless cases, going after good families with no proof of abuse, neglect, etc., and not going after the pedophiles, murders, criminals, etc. Medical Kidnap is a great source of information that details more real life stories of those who are raising their kids right, the state takes them away all for meeting quota, experimental drugs, etc.

Complicating things further doesn't help and feeding into those desire leads to further sin and eternal death. Transgenderism is mental and spiritual disorder. All it does it destroys relationships is what the Illuminati want for their sick #NWOAgenda

It's completely insane and should not be tolerated. Best to put the full Armor of God, stand your ground, protect your family no matter what. May Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior protect and be with us all.

Conclusion by Shoebat
"We have written about them before. The essence of the guidestones is to create a utopia by reducing the number of “unwanted” people to a “manageable” size of 500 million or so, who will be ruled over by an upper class. Those outside the ruling class will be ‘guided’ by those ‘above’ them. This creates what we have warned about and what one can see today in the fight for a new form of eugenics, which is that they view you as nothing more than a farm animal to be herded, used, and slaughtered for their personal benefit, and they are fighting with each other as to who will play the role of farmer."

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