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“I will visit a while, since you cannot tell me anything to change the future and nothing I can tell you would have an effect, I might as well.”

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Irene woke up when the car jerked as he pulled too fast and the rope snapped taut. She watched without speaking. I had just about no brakes and had to concentrate. Once we got home, he drove us to the front of the house, Eddie turned his car and switched off, getting out. Irene saw him.

“Eddie!!” She jumped out and ran to hug him. “When did you come? Did you have to see Robert?”

He smiled down at her. “Hello Irene. You look just as pretty awake as you did asleep. Irene, I am not the Eddie of your future. I am of this time.”

“But you are still our friend aren’t you?”

“Yes. Robert, I guess you told the truth.”

“I always do - well with friends I do.”

“You said you can look into my mind?”

“No. I said I can with you in the future, once you are a Cherinian and welcome me of your own free will.”

“Tsk. You are not supposed to tell me anything.”

“Nonsense. Perhaps the best way to guarantee that everything happens as it should would be for me to tell you all.”

“Stop and think. Did I know everything from before when you looked into my mind.”

“Hah! I’m not the only one who keeps buggering up his tenses. Eddie, I never did look in your mind. You invited me in for the wrong reasons. You wanted me to be convinced you were sincere - about various things. I do not find that acceptable. I preferred to go on my own feelings - and Cherine’s of course.”

“A remarkable girl that!”

“Isn’t she! Come in, I think we have a couple of cold beers.”

“That is what I call a good inducement for me to visit.”

“You fraud! You are only coming in because you are infatuated with my...daughter.”

“I don’t get many girls hugging me. So you say I became…will become a Cherinian? Robert, you may not realise it, but telling me that was a big mistake. If I already know the result what is the purpose of my allowing it to happen?”


“Would it help if I told you that you have your wife back, not as she is now - in her original body, the one in which you fell in love with her. If you want that to happen in your life you will make certain you do not deviate from what you had planned.”

“It seems you are good at offering incentives. So, poor Hettie had her comeuppance! It is time somebody puts a stop to her. We have done too much harm to others, I have too many memories that make me feel guilty to want even one more.”

“One final incentive then. Even the guilt you think you cannot correct, they are undone. What you took you will give back with interest. The interest Eddie, is love.”

“You said it is necessary for me to know certain things…” he paused as Irene climbed onto his lap. “Is this the time to discuss them?”

“Irene has a full copy of my memories in her mind, plus those of all the family. She looks and acts like a little girl, but she could astound you with all she knows.

First of all, do not interfere on my behalf, whatever you see happening. The day I come to Dar, Dimitri finds me, oh, you send your friend the cook to save me, but you do not come here until the next day. Wait until the soldiers have arrived and found me. Wait for the multiple gunshots. Those are basically it.”

“But daddy, why can’t he stop them from killing you?”

“He must not love. Look in my memories and try to understand what I tell the parents of little Cherine.”

“You will be killed? The soldiers will shoot you?”

“Yes. About fifteen shots I think. It seems you have the power to heal me. My healer could not handle that much damage at one time, but you helped it and saved me.”

His face was white. “Robert, I do not have that kind of power!”

“Is it possible you will get it? Learn it from someone else perhaps?”

“No. I do not know of anyone who could. Laying on of hands, curing of illness I have seen, but not the ability to bring back to life someone shot so many times.”

“There might be a way, let me think about it.”

He chatted with Irene while I walked in the garden thinking. I stood under the tree and re-constructed the scene. It definitely had to be him, there was no one else with that kind of power. I tried to recall what it felt like, had I felt a strange power enter me? Not that I remembered anything of that sort. What then?

I went through the whole thing, making myself feel the impact of the bullets, the organs torn, my healer desperately trying, but not able to repair so much serious damage simultaneously. Just as I was fading away I felt something. My suspicions grew. I called to the healer and asked it, had the healers of my family come and saved me, each one concentrating on one organ? It confirmed my guess.

If moments before my death the other healers had not known, how did they react so fast without my girls knowing? They must have been warned. By who? What disturbed me the most was the idea that it seemed that I had to return to my past to organise the saving of my life. Was this going to be a time loop. A chicken or egg situation? How could I first be saved by myself and only later learn how to do so?

I went back to Eddie only to find Irene crying.

“He wouldn’t let me come Robbie, he said I mustn’t!”

“He was right love, you know he was, otherwise you would not have listened to him.” I kissed her. “I’m sorry baby that you had to feel that, but it was necessary so as to save myself. Eddie, when you arrived I felt an immense power in you. I was awed by you. Somehow there was a joint effort, your power and the healers of my loved ones. They all came together at that instant and helped my healer. I cannot puzzle out how this happened and what part your power played in it.”


He asked various questions about the healers. I saw he too was stymied. He had another beer while I made a coffee. Irene opened all the windows and doors and told me to smoke. I put on a fan so as to blow the smoke away from her.

“If my girls did not know I had been shot and could not react in time, something else made their healers come to me.”

Irene suggested, “Maybe it was your protector Robbie.”

“If my protector knew, it would have been there to stop the bullets.”

“She may be right Robert. Think on it. You had to be saved in a certain way. Perhaps you explained that to your protector and warned it not to let you know, or your family. At the exact right time it sent the healers.”

“Plausible I suppose. I just can’t see my trusting it to that extent. Eddie, my protector is powerful, but it is as bright as a normal kid of five - in many ways it is like a baby. It operates well on direct command, but has little free will.”

“The only answer I see is for you to give me the power to contact it and pass on your order at the right time.”

“It will refuse to leave my girls. It has a permanent prime order, the girls come first.”

“Your protector did not come that day, or so you implied. Could it make the healers come?”

“Perhaps. If I’d had a Sparkler in me that could have passed on the warning. Can’t change that now. Eddie, we must have found a way or else I would not be here to save myself.”

“It sounds like a paradox.”

“God!!” I felt awed by the thought.

“Daddy, what did I do!!?”

“You saved my life. Eddie, she must be the link. Irene, remember when everyone came to visit me here? That was before I was shot. If we put a memory in you, to be triggered by that visit, you could send me the healers.”

“You said she was not born yet.”

“Not at this time. She will be next July. How do we do this?”

There was only one way I could think of. It was not what I would have chosen to do, but I was not in the position to be picky. “It looks to me like Irene will have to save me.”

Both of them were shocked at my decision, Eddie staring at me as if I had gone mad.

“Think about it. The protector has to obey her. If she returns to that time and orders it to send the healers to me…what is it baby?”

“Not me daddy, you! You send the protector back to order the healers to save you.”

“Would the protector of that time allow the protector of our time to order them? Something else bothers me. If their healers saved me, how come none of my girls knew? They should have known afterwards.”

“I think you are caught in a circle of reasoning. Robert, you say that as you came back from the dead you felt a power in me. I do have a power, I do not know whether I told you, I am able to communicate across time. It takes too much power for me to do it often. What if I call to you at that moment and you send the healers back from the future. That would explain why your girls do not know about saving you.”

“You think you could send me a message?”

“No, not you. For some reason I am not good at communicating with males. How about using Irene? I have met her and that helps.”


The obvious hit me, but I kept my mind blank. This I would have to keep to myself for a long time - until they worked it out for themselves.

“Can you practice or leave it for that time?”

“It really drains me, would you prefer I practice so that we know it works?”

“It will not be necessary if you are agreeable to Irene linking up with you. She is already linked to you in the future.”


“It will not be a full link, you should not become a Cherinian now. If you open your mind and allow her to come in that would do the trick.”

She looked up at him, her eyes huge and he grinned. “I think it would be a pleasure to have her in my mind.”

“Just block her out of your memories. Irene, you only go in, exchange a few motes with him then you come back.”

“Okay.” She said with her customary cheerfulness. She closed her eyes and caught Eddie unprepared. His eyes closed as he concentrated within himself. They took longer than they should have, but when they opened their eyes and I saw the way he looked at her, I knew she had flooded him with love motes.

“Eddie, one more thing. You do play an active role in the battle. When I leave my girls, it is because I am forced to so as not to endanger them. I leave my protector with them. I had to order my girls to stay at home. One brave little girl disobeyed. You knew about it and protected her from your wife by blanking her, making her invisible so to speak to your wife and her minions. The other thing you did was set up an urge in me to come to Dar.”

“I can do both. I will remember. If Hettie knew what we are discussing she would kill me. She thinks her plans to attack you are secret.”

“I am just grateful that she waited for the baby to be born in July.”

“She would not attack a baby, especially an unborn baby! She has wanted a child for too many years.”

“We can discuss that afterwards. After you help me fight yourself.”

“That is the second time you have made that mysterious comment. Care to explain it?”

“Nope. A bit of mystery is good.”

We chatted a few more minutes, but now he was getting tired. He admitted he still had an hours’ drive to get back home.

“Stay the night.”

“I suppose I better. You do not know who to go to, to have the Landrover fixed. I’ll arrange it all in the morning and then leave.”

“I brought some spares with, can you see to it that the mechanic uses them, instead of selling them for dollars?” He grinned and I showed him where they are.

It was so late that I only hugged Irene to me and after a soft goodnight kiss we closed our eyes and slept.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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Δώσε λίγες εξιγησεις τι έγινε εδώ... Μπερδεύτηκα...


Ta vasika:
O Robert ithele na mporouse na kanei to gamilio taksidi horista me tin kathe kopella pou pantreftike, kai tou prosfere o Eddie to spiti tou Dimitri sto Dar es Salaam, peripou ena hrono prin arhisei o polemos me tin gynaika tou.

Apo to reality tou alt-Robert, pigainei piso sto diko tous reality me ena koritsi kathe fora, menei ekei mia evdomada kai gyrnane stin oikogeneia tous peripou misi ora meta apo tin ora pou fygane.

Afti tin fora, me tin Irene, ola pane kala, eos tin ora pou halaei to aftokinito. Meta apo mia ora, erhete o Eddie apo ekeino to hrono, tsadismenos me ton Robert pou ton anaggase na erthei na voithisei, eno ehi tois psyhikes ikanotites na to parei to aftokinito spiti tous, horis na doulevei i mihani.

Meta, kathos πίνουν tin mpira tous, tou leei o Robert oti o Eddie ton esose otan oi stratiotes ton pirovolisane. O Eddie tou leei oti den ehei tetoia dynamoi (metaksi mas, eprepe na to eihe skeftei o Robert monos tou, ef'oson o Eddie kai i Hettie den mporousan na ksana-niosoun ta somata tous, gia afto klevane ta somata apo paidia....)

Sto telos katalavaini o Robert oti ta healers ton koritsion ton sosane ekeini tin imera - to kathe healer analave ena organo na episkevasi, ef'oson den eitan dynaton to healer to Robert na ta ftiaksi olla taftohronos mono tou.

To provlima eitan, ta koritia, edo kai toso karo meta apo tin imera ekeini, akoma den kseroun apo ta healers tous oti voithisan na sosoun ton Robert.

O Eddie leei oti mporei na steili mynima stin Irene sto mellon tous, gia na kanonisei ekeini na pei stous healers ollon ton koritsion na pane piso sto hrono stin stigmi pou ton pirovolisane ton Robert, gia na ton sosoune. Kai etsi egine... :))


Epeidi sto allo logariasmo mou kano ta vivlia post me 10 selides kathe fora, eho kanei post ta prota 2 vivlia kai sto trito eho perasi me polles selides ta post edo.

Ean ginei kati kai den emfanisto gia kairo, ean theleis, tha mporeis na synehiseis na diavazeis ekei...


Ok.... Tha to exw sto nou mou.... Alla den thelw na eksafanisteis....


Den mporo na sou to yposhetho - ean elthoun i Cherine kai i Sam na me paroun....fevgo trehontas


Χαχαχαααα..... Θα περιμένω να το μάθω στη συνέχεια...
Αύριο επιστεφω από τις διακοπές οπότε θα μπω ξανά στην κανονική ροή του διαβάσματος. :)))