LiTTLE CHERiNE Book 03 - post100

".....I think Robert you are a subtle kind of terrorist, instead of using bombs, your weapon is ridicule and stirring up hatred under the guise of doing good.”

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“Your government will not fall because of ridicule or any action of foreign governments. Even the threat of an army being mobilised against you is only going to achieve a multitude of deaths without purpose. If force is used, fear and hatred will only increase. A way must be found to bring the people of this country together. I was hoping to achieve a small measure of success in that direction while having the satisfaction of helping ease pain.”

“What happened in the house where you were arrested?”

In a voice that was suddenly dead, Robbie told him. The blue eyes facing him for the first time showed real emotion. When Robbie told him of the words spoken by the mother he looked horrified.

“We wondered about the bullet holes in your shirt, the blood was proven to be yours.”

Robbie for the first time was not facing him eye to eye, his head bowed he tried to hide his tears.

“Can you ease my mind and tell me what happened to the child?”

“I will check. I would imagine he is under foster care. Would the child be able to confirm the abuse he went through?”

“The mind has been damaged, I cannot answer that. I hope he has managed to…no, it would not be good for him to block the memory.”

“Why do you talk of your power to heal in the past tense?”

“What I did to the parents, it was against the purpose of the gift. It is a pure force; using it to punish, even if it was so as to protect the child from future harm, was against the purpose of it’s existence.”

“You will be fed and provided with water and placed in a normal cell. I have to investigate and draw my own conclusions. If I am satisfied that you told me the truth there will be no further hardships for you. You will be taken to court and sentenced as a spy.”


“I’m afraid so, at least there will be no more pointless suffering.”


“Thank you.”

“Whatever lies behind all this, I admit you intrigue me. In certain ways you sound like a disciple of Mandela.”

“I acted from my own beliefs and according to criteria that my own heart dictated. I suppose all men who base their actions on the same reasoning would sound similar.”

They took him to a communal eating area, fed him and gave him water. He was taken to a normal cell. Despite being without his healer, he was able to discipline his mind so that his pain faded into the background of his mind and he managed to sleep a few hours.

# All us girls spent the night in each others arms, trying to find comfort in the love we all share. The promise of a hanging frightened us, but now we all prayed that it would be the worst to come, any more torture is unbearable.

# Dommi said I can write also, that we all can. This is Wendy. I needed to tell you there is no more music in my heart Robbie. I had not realised my music came from the love you felt for me and my love for you. Seeing you suffer has left me sad and empty. If you come back and hold me my heart will be full again so that it can sing for you. I love you Robert forever.

# All of us girls wanted to write, but we let Wendy be the first. We felt the music die in her and we knew we have lost something very precious. We also let Maria-Elena, but she only sat here crying. Robert my love, you would laugh if you read our words, we all call ourselves your ‘girls’, only sometimes remembering to say ‘wives’. I am trying to be strong for you and all our loves, I hope you will be a little proud of me. I need you more than ever and seeing how all the other Cherines need their Roberts only proves to me I was right - you are my life and without you I will be nothing. Cherine.

# This day has been our worst day ever. All of us are sick. Socrati says the blond man is the most evil man he has ever seen. He is evil because he pretends to be good, at least the others, he says, do not pretend, they let you see what they are.

They gave him no food in the morning. He was still asleep when the cell door crashed open and they grabbed him. We were also asleep and woke up with a shock and our bellies filled with fear.

They took him violently to the soundproofed room. They had brought in a new torture thing. They tied him by his feet using wire that cut into him and hung him in the air. The three men came in and told him he will tell them which organisation or country sent him to their country. They put some wires to his nipples and connected them to a car battery. They burnt his nipples!!

They kept throwing water on him to make him wake up and whipped the soles of his feet till they were bleeding, they broke fingers and toes, knocked out another four teeth and cracked his jaw in two places. His eyes are swollen shut, his whole face a grotesque mask that no longer feels like him anymore. When they connected the wires to his penis and testicles and burnt him badly there, while they joked about him not having anymore baby kaffirs, his screaming went on in his head even after he fainted. They had taken it too far and could not bring him back, even though he lay there with his eyes open.

Our Robbie has hidden away, his mind empty. The blond man came in and only used his shoe to flip Robbie’s hand, stepped on it and said Robbie will not be joking anymore. He told the policemen or security men, we are no longer sure, that they must make certain Robbie does not die, he must be hanged as an example. His body was taken to the prison hospital ward.

# I cannot do as they asked, I have listed the atrocities briefly, but I cannot write more, I feel like I am dying inside. I’m sorry.

# We are all praying that our Robert dies. Please God he does not come back to consciousness. We have decided that if we have to, we will find a way to find the alternate void he is in, but if we cannot find him, losing him forever would be better than seeing him suffer like this. We have enough of his soul inside ourselves to bring him back without all those terrible memories. How could the old man think memories of such pain would be good for him? This time we will fight, we will not allow the old man to take him again; he will have to kill us all to do so.


# I said I was being strong for you my Robert. I am not strong anymore, none of us are. Your alien friends could not take it anymore and have returned to their people in the hope they can be helped to recover from the sickness in their souls. They carry a horrible grief back with them and a terrible indictment of the people of our world.

# Robert I do not want to live in this world anymore, even if you come back. You say we must love the ‘normals’, how can we? I will do whatever you say, but the heart has gone out of me. How dare my gift make me feel empathy for them!! - your Cherine

# No one else will write so I had to do it. Robbie came back!!

# We were all excited when we felt that his healer had returned to him. We thought he would use it to heal himself, but he will not allow it to fix anything. To do so will only cause them to try even more painful ways of destroying him and he no longer has the endurance to go through it again. He only reduced his pain.

# Solomon and Ordinx have returned, they could not bear to stay away and anyway, their connection to the mind of Robbie followed them to the void. They both felt the same awe we did when we sensed that there was no hatred in Robbie. We all asked in disbelief, how can we follow his example this time? Manoli says that he is able to feel that way because they did it to him, that if they had tortured one of his girls like this, his anger would have been a sword that wiped them all off the face of the Earth. Cherine stood up, her shoulders straight with pride.

# “Maybe he would kill them, for us or any of you. Afterwards though, he would blame himself and regret it. Robert may go into a violent rage if his loved ones or any child is hurt, but he does not hate. He does not hate, ever!”

The doctors prevented anyone from seeing Robbie even after he opened his eyes. The voice of a doctor could be heard through the door.

“Meneer, if you wish him to keep his sanity so as to answer your questions, you will not disturb him now. His mind is hanging on by a thread. We will examine him tomorrow and if we judge he is well enough you may speak to him. If you force your way in, I will report it.”

Robbie sank into a deep sleep, the rest of the day and night disturbed only by nightmares that terrorised him.

# Elia insisted and Alki and Dommi backed him up, that we all go to a taverna to eat; none of us have been able to eat for the last three days. We all slept early, disturbed only by his nightmares, echoes of his screams waking us often. Every time this happened Dommi sent her motherly love to soothe and calm us back to sleep. In the morning her eyes were dark with fatigue from watching over us. She wanted to use her healer, but we all objected and made her sleep a few hours.

Robbie woke to the sounds of an argument, the doctor trying to buy him more time. Robbie called out and the doctor opened the door. “Let him in, I need to see a friendly face.”

“A…” he turned back and spoke to the person outside. “You see? I told you he is no longer sane. You have broken him.”

“Doctor, he is not broken, that was his sense of humour.” The blonde guy forced his way through. “You feeling better?”

“Much. Thank you. Are we going to start again now?”

“I heard you were interrogated a little forcibly…”

Robbie chuckled, which earned him a frown. “I’d hate to meet them when they are being very forceful.”


The young guy noticed the doctor was standing at the door listening. He pushed him out and closed the door.

“You never told me your name.”

“I notice you have dropped the ‘sir’.”

“I am too sore to play the game exactly as you would wish me to. I apologise…sir.”

“You are one spunky kaffir. I’ve never seen anyone go through what you did and still keep his spirit.”

“Enough about me, we can continue soon as the doctors let me go. You know, I feel sorry for them. They think they are helping me, but their concern only enables you to use more forcible methods when they let me go. They might repair my body if I let them, but they cannot repair my mind. I heard the doctor and I warn you, if you wish to enjoy seeing me hang, I cannot take much more. I can take any amount of pain if I am relieving others of their pain, but I am not so good at helping myself.”

“Then tell us who sent you.”

“There is no point to this. Before you destroy my mind, one thing. I sense you are not able to have children because of a problem that can be repaired. I see you are aware of it. Have yourself checked, the damage has been fixed.”

“Your healing powers have returned? Why would you heal me?”

“Why? You do not feel pain? If you are meant to have a child, am I supposed to deny that child the right to life?”

“Why haven’t you healed yourself then?”

“You know the answer.”

He nodded. He stared without speaking then turned abruptly and left without a word. He did not return for two days, giving Robbie and us time to recover a little. Robbie was full of good humour, talking to us by speaking to himself. He joked about himself not having any more black babies, about how ignorant they are at causing unbearable pain without destroying the body. He spoke of how he dreams of us, of our home and of the void filled with the beauty of the Sparklers and the worlds of the Anadir. He spoke of how his heart will fill again when he can hold us to him as he listens to Wendy sing for him.

Slowly he helped heal each one of us. It surprised no one when he also spoke to Solomon and Ordinx, trying to lead their thoughts into an understanding of what they have seen, of the nightmarish fears that drive men into committing such horrendous acts. He told of how even such men can have children and be tender and love them. He talked and talked without saying anything brilliantly original, but without realising it we found our pains and hatreds soothed.

“My loved ones, I have realised I was foolish. Of course you could not shut me out of your minds. There is still more to come before I find my moment of release. I wish I could prevent you from suffering for me. I have to believe you are strong enough or else I would be forced to stop my pain. When you find it unbearable, know that beneath all my agony I rejoice, for I know that I am being forged like steel so that I am stronger and purer as the protector and leader of my people. This may not be our world, but they will serve their purpose before I move on to the next one. Have courage my loves, my darling children, and I will return to you one day.”

The blonde man entered the next morning and there was no smile on his face this time. He reached over the head of Robbie and did something.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
10th November, 2019

* posted : 10th November, 2019

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