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A minute later Robbie arrived at the next world and all of us looked at Cherine with awe; how had she been able to recognise his imminent arrival?

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Chapter One Hundred Ten

Robbie was instantly on alert, aware that he has all his gifts, plus his powers and the protector. He immediately ordered the protector to return to us. It refused, assuring him we are safe while he is not. No sooner was this said than the protector was battling against an attack. Robbie promptly expanded his awareness to sense where the attack is coming from.

Even while stretching his abilities to find the attacker, his eyes told him that this is a world that has suffered widespread destruction. The only building that had not suffered was ahead of him. Calmly he walked towards it, curious as to the reason why it is not damaged.

About thirty metres from the building he walked into an invisible shield that tried to shock him. He stood there for over ten minutes using his abilities to ‘taste’ the energies out of which it is made. We all realised, with him, that it was mainly made out of the willpower of the person who created it and the signature of that willpower was familiar. It is Cherine. He smiled to himself as he muttered, ‘this cub has extra teeth’.

The shield could not keep Robbie out, but he felt that to break through it might harm Cherine, traumatise her, and he refused to do that. All he did is stand there waiting. Three hours passed and he still waited while he continued fighting off attacks directed against him from elsewhere. A worm of vicious energy tried to pierce his protection and he let his mind ride it back to the source. Too late the sender realised what he had done. He reached into that mind and blocked his power. The man screamed in terror. Robbie created a visible form and spoke to him.

“I have no intention of harming you. Why did you attack me?”

The chalk white face stared back at him. “Roberto, you are asking me!?”

“I am not the Roberto of this world.”

“You are going to leave me like this?”

“Yes. I told you, I wish you no harm.”

“What you wish is not important. The second you leave I will be killed. Can’t you see what is happening?”

“I arrived and found myself attacked from all directions. I have not had the opportunity to find out what has happened to this world.”

“The fucking Cherinians is what happened!!”

“Explain.” It was not a request, it was an order given with a hard coldness that sprang from a sudden grim fear in Robbie.

“I can feel that you are more powerful than the Roberto of this world. Can you match the powers of his she-devil?”


He nodded.

“Begin right from the beginning. How did this happen, what started it?”


“Do you know about the angel of Athens? Well, not much later, a Cypriot exposed Roberto, he let the government know about his powers. They sent soldiers and when he refused to surrender they attacked him. That bitch fought them off. She sent out a message that to stop the government from attacking them they were going to give their powers to all humans, make them all Cherinians. They did so. At first it looked as if this was a good thing, but then one person tried to use his powers to kill someone he hated. It spread from there till the whole world has become one battlefield. Now if you do not kill the other first, you will be killed.”

“Does anybody know how many are dead?”

“What? You think there are still newspapers? Everything has fallen apart, including all the governments. There is no way I could know, it is total chaos out there. Roberto, we will soon all be dead, for there is no more food and no farmers.”

“What do I do with you then?”

“Give me back my powers or else I’m as good as dead, immediately.”

“No. Open your mind to me.” Hardly waiting Robbie entered and opened a way for the man to create a personal shield. “You now are protected, but no powers of attack will work for you. Gianni, it is no longer necessary for you to kill.”

From his body, once again, he stood considering. With a smile he focussed. The shield in front of him became visible. He created a door in it and entered, letting the energy snap back to it’s original form. The ground under his feet shimmered and became liquid so that he sank. He raised himself back to ground level and ‘walked’ to the front door. He rang the doorbell. There was no sound, so he knocked. Forces were raging around him, but they were unable to reach in to him. Even the protector only watched by his side. The door opened and he stepped in and found a sea of faces staring at him.

Many he recognised,; Alki was there with Marian, Nicko, Themi, the parents of Dommi and others. Socrati, Henry, Angelo, Manoli and many more were not there. Neither was Eddie with Hettie.

Robbie grinned. “A fine way to welcome me to your world Cherine.”

She was looking at her Roberto and our Robbie in shock. Roberto stood up and approached.

“I’m guessing you come from an alternative dimension, that you are the copy of myself there.”

Robbie felt saddened by this hint of a stronger ego than his. “Do you see yourself as the original Robert?”

“It could be argued that from my point of view it is true.”

Robbie smiled, nodded, and relaxed. “Alternate reality Robert, not alternative. Do you still have the facilities to make a cup of coffee and offer me a cigarette while you explain to me what went wrong?” We were amused to hear Robbie correcting a Robert.

“None of us are smokers, but coffee without milk we can manage. Dominique, would you love?”

Cherine stood up and walked over, her walk proud as she stared at Robbie. “I saw you, but thought someone was taking the form of my Robert so as to trick us. I’m sorry.”

“I understand. So you are my cub on this world too. Still protecting your Robert?” He put his hands to either side of her head and bending down kissed her forehead. “There is not one Robert in any reality who is not lucky to have you by his side. I am told that Petsas caused the start of this problem. Would you please explain how things went wrong from there?”

This is the story as he pieced it together from all they had to say.

On this world Petsas did not fall for the trick we played on him. He denounced Roberto to the government and newspapers, warning of terrible powers this mutant has. The government sent the army, partly to calm the panic among the population. They were not allowed to enter the house.

They argued it among themselves and Robert insisted that the only way they can protect themselves was by spreading their gifts to all humans all over the world. That way they would no longer be seen as a threat. Cherine begged him not to, if they gave the powers to everyone a lot of evil people would use their powers to gain themselves an advantage while no government would be able to stop them. Robert argued, and he was backed by Alki and the others, that if all people had the same powers, the evil ones would not have any advantage over the rest. At this stage they began to call themselves Cherinians.


Robert wanted to make the announcement, but Cherine insisted on being allowed to do so. Robbie found the reason in her mind. She felt that whoever did so would become the target of hatred and she could not allow Robert to be the focus of that hatred. Robert honestly felt it would harm her less and, not foreseeing the hatred, allowed her to speak for them.

“Oh Cherine baby, how could you? With your gift of empathy the hatred must have been an acid on your soul.”

“Less painful than having them hate Robert.”

As the man told Robbie, at first the people reacted with joy, having these gifts made them feel like gods. Then the first stories of powers misused came out and it did not take long for the situation to degenerate. The whole of mankind is now embroiled in a war that does not have an end.

“The only solution seems to be that we wait, ride out this mess and then slowly re-populate the world with true Cherinians.”

“Alki, to hear you say that breaks my heart. My Alki would never have said that. Cherine, how is it that you are able to protect yourselves. Surely there must be many who have discovered powers far stronger than yours, especially if they join forces against you?”

“That is the irony. The really powerful ones are not attacking, they are protecting us. Once it became known that Cherine is the original giver of these powers, millions saw her as their legitimate target, wanting to bring an end to this madness. Those who are more powerful though, do not want her to be harmed as they could lose their own powers.”

“Cherinians being protected by power mongers and the evil!” This was a blow to Robbie and they felt his pain.

Robbie raised his hands and spoke aloud. “Old man, surely you cannot expect me to put things right here? The lesson I needed to learn has been understood. There is no green leaf here.”

He waited, but nothing happened. His shoulders slumped as if by the weight of the responsibility being thrust on him. “It seems I have no choice. I have to correct the imbalances you caused.”

They wanted to know what he meant, what he was thinking of doing.

“First thing I intend doing is going to sleep. Once I begin there will be little time for rest.” He looked around, agony in his eyes. “This time of sleep means that people who could have been saved will die. I cannot do otherwise though, I have to sleep.”

Without asking he walked to a bedroom and laying himself on a bed shut his eyes in the hope that sleep will come.

During the night he woke up with a vision of a terrified face staring at him. Still weary, he put his feet over the side and sat up, hunched over, his face in his hands. As dawn was breaking he nodded and lay down again to steal at least a further hour or two of sleep.

Robbie explained what he had done to Gianni. “My problem is that to do that worldwide will take forever. I need a way to spread it faster.”

“We do not have the power to do what you did. Robert, I sense another entity, yet it does not feel like a stranger. It moves and stands by your side at all times.”

He explained about the protector, how it came into existence. “It seems to be a different facet of the healer. I have not come across another Robert with a protector.”

The first thing Robbie did was to do to all those in this home what he had done to Gianni, without taking away their powers or gifts. “You all know how to do it now. Let us begin to create a pool of sanity around us. Tomorrow we will look for ways to quickly expand the pool.”


They left the house, spreading out in all directions. Wherever they sensed life or a point of attack they would walk in past all barriers and do as Robbie had taught them. He had insisted they explain to all what is being done, even though it slows them down.

They were a group of very exhausted Cherinians when they returned home that night, but there was a glow to them. However small the victory of the day, at least they were taking hold of their fate, trying to save lives and undo the damage they have caused.

They ate sitting together and when Robbie had finished, Alki asked him, “You spoke to someone last night and said the lesson had been learnt. What lesson Roberto?”

“Better you call me Robert, let him be the Roberto here. Alki, what I learnt is the opposite of what I demand all the time. As I demand trust and faith in me from my Cherine, I now see how important I trust and have faith in her. Even I had begun to bring in new Cherinians without consulting her anymore. God, but I was lucky! It will not be allowed to happen again.”

“Who were you talking to?” Wendy asked, insisting.

He put out his arm and she came to him. “Roberto, how did you handle her father?”

“I made the healer cure her and then made his Aids get worse fast so that he died within a few days.”

“We are both killers then. I wonder if a Robert somewhere found a way to save her without killing him.”

“It was important that he die.” He nodded in the direction of Wendy.

“To answer your question Wendy mou, I do not know.” He told them the whole story, even outlining his previous visits and what he has learnt. We have been right to a large extent, but had missed some of the more subtle things that only he, as a leader, would have noticed. For instance, he said that he had learnt that because a truth is self-evident, it does not mean that it is so to all people. Their own prejudices will find a way to turn the truth into a lie.

Dominique asked him, “But you said there is no green leaf here.”

He grinned back. “Just goes to show how blind I am Dommi.”

Cherine suddenly sat up anxiously. “We are under attack! Roberto, it is the ones who were protecting us!”

“Relax sweetie, just keep your normal defence in position, I’ll take care of them. Half the reason we did what we did today was to draw them out. Always better to go after the strong ones first. You will excuse me for leaving you? Wendy mou, will you keep watch over my body?”

With a soft kiss to her cheek he let go and expanded until his energy sensitivity showed him the trails back to those attacking. With his usual lack of common sense he split himself up and followed all the trails to their home. Our hearts feel like they are stopping whenever he does this; especially at this time, when he will be attacking the most powerful psychics of this world with his powers splintered into dozens of pieces.

Only one old woman turned out to be a problem, impossible for him to handle in this condition, but the protector appeared at his side and gave help. What we had expected to be a terrible battle he disposed of almost with ease. When he returned to his body it was he who got kissed this time by Wendy.

“Robert, what you did may have been necessary, but there is a negative side to it. They had begun to impose some sort of order - without them Athens will return to total anarchy.”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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13th November, 2019

* posted : 13th November, 2019

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