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I have immersed myself in the tellings by your family a number of times and have shared experiences of the re-enactment of the meeting between yourself and Cherine in the Sparkler World. I do not claim such studies give me a special understanding, but I wished to let you know, in advance, that I do not lightly put forward my questions.

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It is repeatedly said, and especially by Samantha, that you are the guide who leads Cherinianism to the best of all possible futures. I have claimed in my book that such a belief is a fallacy, that you are prejudiced and cling to an archaic belief system - to the detriment of Cherinianism. I admit that I too may be prejudiced in my beliefs, but I cannot help feeling that my prejudices are far healthier for the future of humanity than yours are.” Robbie gave him a small, polite smile and a hint of a nod, encouraging him to continue. “There are a number of points to be debated, but for practical reasons, I would prefer to concentrate on the one subject I consider the most dangerous.”

“One of the others is my insistence that we remain true to our nature by eating meat?”

“I do not agree with your claim that we are remaining true to our natures, but I’d prefer to set aside my arguments for some future debate, should you be willing.”

“Willing to a future debate or to your setting aside the argument for now? I am not being petty, nor pedantic professor. If you had wanted to leave the debate for a future meeting without implications, there was no need for you to spell out how or why you challenge my beliefs. If we do not discuss it now, it will appear that I conceded the point because I did not answer you or challenge your statement.”

“I withdraw my comments regarding the killing and eating of meat.”

Fuxylfy, a Tirsoon of the Unation has been a member of the Council of Philosophy from the early days and is an accomplished debater. He cut in. “Professor, your reply is loaded with emotional issues. Surely it was not necessary to add the matter of killing to what you’d already said? Please leave such tactics for advocates in your courts of law, we are here to make honest efforts to find our way though conflicting ethics and customs, which is difficult enough with so many species taking part.”

The professor reddened. “My apologies, I stand corrected.”

Robbie smiled. “You are used to the spirit and fire of debates at the university debating society?”

“To tell the truth, most of my talks and debating experiences nowadays are at television shows.”

Robbie laughed. “Ouch! You would not survive for long if you did not use emotional language to win over the public. Please continue professor and I will try to accommodate your habits and not complain at small infractions of our rules.” I felt curious about how the professor would react. It is difficult to be as aggressive as planned when the other person has been so sympathetic and nice to you.

“I don’t doubt that what I’m going to describe is true of many species, but I’ll speak of the Terran, since it is the one with which I am more intimately knowledgeable. It is accepted that our species began as non-sentient lifeforms, gradually evolving into sapient creatures. There is a school of thought that try to provide pseudo-scientific reasons for their claim that within one instant, mankind, what there was of it at the time, suddenly switched from non-sentient to sentient. I’ll reserve the arguments of those points for when I am at some television debate.” He earned a few chuckles. “It is a fascinating thought and I have often wished I could be present at the birth of sentience. To be in their minds as their grunts evolve to form meanings until the accumulation of words provide them with the ability to string two and more words together, for instance, no longer satisfied by forming the sound for ‘danger’ but now able to categorise the type of danger threatening them. To be within those minds that expand from instinct to the stuttering of reason, it would not only need the ability to return in time, but also the ability to share their minds, so it is not likely to become possible, unless I am linked as a Cherinian.”

“You would need to remain in those minds for centuries. Could you, without losing your own mind?”

“I was only daydreaming aloud while developing my argument. Language was an important focus for the mind, forcing self-awareness - not the other way around. While we used simple sounds to deal with our needs, we remained intellectually insentient. The more complex our signals, each word needing to form a picture for instant identification, the more pressure on our brains to develop connections, both for language and for memory, leading us to the ability of abstract thoughts. There are sapient species who evolved without using language to stimulate their minds, but I suspect that whatever form of communication they evolved had the same effect as our verbal method of communications. I have tried to postulate other stimuli that could effect the same breakthrough, but have failed.

While our species survived with a minimal of words and relied on instincts, cruelty, hurting and killing for the sake of it, were not often a part of our nature. The growing complexity of language opened our minds to abstract concepts which, along with sapience, more often than not was responsible for the development of the dark side of mankind's history. Once we learnt how to kill for abstract reasons, such as religion and other belief systems, it was only natural we would employ language to justify the most heinous acts of cruelty.


Throughout the brief history of Mankind, there have been exceptional men and women who argued the need for us to turn away from the past and develop compassion, kindness and love to drive us as a species. During the twentieth and twenty first century the call for such changes grew stronger, but the development of mega-cities tore at our societies so that the majority of people lost the ability to feel the suffering of others in a meaningful way. At the exact time that our species seemed to be condemned, the Cherinians were born and helped lead us out of the paths which were leading us to stagnation, despair and racial suicide.

Those who had the wisdom to see past the fear of mutants and their powers, which our media tried to inculcate in our populations, celebrated when they understood that Cherine and her powers grew out of empathy. I still recall my father and his colleagues getting drunk as they rejoiced that Cherine was partnered with an artist. Robert came across as a sensitive and very earnest young man who still held to the ideals most men have lost by the time they reach the age of twenty years.”

He paused and we sensed he was nervous. He turned to speak to me. “Samantha, what I will say will sound like an attack on you, but it is not meant to be; for we are far too much in your debt thanks to your devotion and determination to force sanity upon our governments. Most thinking Normals have cheered you many times and you are admired and loved by all of us for your willingness to sacrifice even those you love for the dream of improving our species. Despite this, perhaps even because of this, it is equally true that you cost us the one opportunity Robert offered us of striving for and achieving a state of grace, of becoming truly human.”

If he had been slightly more sensitive he would have wilted like a flower under a desert sun as my family reacted. I spoke so as to prevent any of my loves from protesting. “I apologise for speaking, since I am not part of the Council, but I am under the impression it is your wish that I do so. Professor, I’m not certain I deserve the accolade as all I achieved was with the help of others, family and friends of all species.” I grinned. “I think I can see where you are going with the negative comment, but I’d like to hear how you will detail your claim. Please do so without fear of hurting my feelings.”

“I was not implying a deliberate intention to cause harm. It is said your most important contribution to Cherinianism is your strict upholding and support of the dreams Robert has for Cherinianism. I fear that in your eagerness you failed to consider an important aspect - the differences in your personalities were bound to colour the way you interpret his dreams. You are of a more practical nature and though it is said that Robert dreams and you find the way to make his dreams come true, no mention is ever made of the way you influence him. In my opinion, the evidence seems to point towards your way of thinking limiting him, often affecting his thinking - without him realising what it is you are doing to him. I am not criticising you, just stating a fact. Your support has driven Cherinianism so that it stays true to the main thrust of Robert's dreams and without you not even that much would have been achieved. There is however one dream which has been sacrificed because of you influencing him.

Robert has always been aware that he is impractical, but he dared to hold to his dreams despite all criticisms. It is reported that, amazingly, Cherine encouraged him to remain impractical, stirred by the beauty of his visions. In spite of Samantha feeling the same way, as she began to take a hand in dealing with the daily problems, she felt forced to tone down the dreams of Robert, justifying herself by claiming she had to be practical and once people are used to the changes, she will plan and fight to make the rest of his dreams come true. She either did not foresee the effect she’d have on Robert or else she was confident that she would remember and bring about the changes once the time is right, that is, when the universe is more malleable. Sixty years later and she has not done so, for a simple reason - Robert no longer believes in those dreams she’d set aside. He’s accepted the limitations as being of practical necessity and moved on to other less grandiose dreams.

Cherinians offer the single best opportunity for all of humanity to turn its collective back on the baser side of our nature. Children, whether Cherinians or not, must be brought up with the same belief system. It will take a few generations, but we will reach the day when no person is capable of harming another. Robert, that will never happen for as long as you advise Cherinians that it is right of them to take the life of others if it is in self-defence. There can be no excuse for the taking of a life. Ever!”

I’ve presented a very brief synopsis of what he said. The professor spoke for nearly two hours and supported his arguments with numerous quotes; presented tables of statistics from psychological research he has devoted all his life to and filled the table with graphs that measure the results of countless variations from his recommendations. He was very persuasive and seems to have all the scientific facts to back his opinions. I don’t know whether I should agree with his analysis of my effect on Robbie - and his descriptions of my shortcomings, but I do know I’m glad it is not me who has to stand up to his well thought out theories and prove them (him) wrong. I could sense that the Council members did not agree with the professor - there are details they agree with, but not all the conclusions, which partly a creation which does not only reflect the purity of logic and science - it has been influenced by his belief system, which I guess was imprinted on him by his father.


Robbie spread out his hands apologetically. “I’m sorry professor, but you have been hoodwinked by Samantha's machinations. She is obsessed with making me appear to be the dreamer who guides Cherinianism to its ultimate destination so that nobody questions my role of protector and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. I may have been a dreamer, quixotic in many ways, yet, the truth is, I was not completely void of sense - if you had studied artists, you would not need to be told. If I was as foolish or impractical as I seem to be, would I have fought Vincent, determined to see him become an individual, a soul with the same rights as I? Would not the childish kind of mentality you thought was mine have been desperate to cling to him as our devoted protector?

Anyone who studies the history of our species has to feel an overwhelming degree of grief at times. So many people at various times and parts of our world fought to bring about some kind of utopia, from religious to based on altruistic logic or human rights and human dignity. Do you know why all of them failed? Because they all mimicked the pendulum and went from one extreme to the other in gigantic steps. Everything comes at a cost professor. If we take mankind in the right direction, but using small steps at the correct intervals, we might succeed in redefining and refining ourselves. Listening to you talk, I could not help wondering whether our souls play any significant part in your dreams for us. For us Cherinians, it has been proven that the soul is refined by living a number of lives. We cannot demand everyone becomes refined if their souls have not had the time it requires for ridding itself of the darkness of negative thoughts, appetites and weaknesses. Professor, do you have grandchildren?”

“I do not.”

“Then let’s hope your imagination and memory of your daughter as a small child is empathic enough for you to be capable of imagining you have a little son and daughter. Their mother, your beloved wife, has recently passed away and you have taken your children to the beach bungalow, in the hopes that the sun and sea will help restore their spirits and bring back some colour to their pale cheeks. You notice that the previous tenant, a police officer, has forgotten his pistol and it is fully loaded, ready for action. It does not seem worth making a special trip into town for delivering the pistol to the letting agent or the local police station, you think to yourself that either the culprit can return to collect it if he needs it urgently, or else he can wait until you and the children have had a good night’s sleep. In the morning you make a nice breakfast, see to it that the kids drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and just as your children laugh at something you say, for the first time since their mother died, a dark shape fills the door and you see a man with an axe. He is covered in gore from killing the neighbours, both the man and woman and their baby boy and he has a maniacal gleam in his eye as he announces that he is now going to kill you and your children. As he raises the axe for beheading your child, you notice the pistol next to your hand and you…I’m sorry, you’ll have to provide for us the rest of the story. Do you swiftly point the weapon and shoot, or do you stick to your convictions and meekly stand by while he kills your children and then you?”

The professor kept all emotion from his face as he replied, “Sadly, I would shoot the man…until I am certain he is truly dead. I do not claim to be finer than anyone else, all I’m asking is that we try to plan for a day when mankind no longer needs to respond with barbarity to acts of barbarity.”

Robbie tilted his head in thought. “Interesting. I did leave you a loophole and expected you to answer that you would shoot him in the arms and legs so as to nullify the threat without having to kill him.” He came to his feet and thoughtfully walked the length of the table and back. “The truth is, I also set myself a test at the same time. I imagined that you were refined and allowed the murderer to kill your children and yourself and I asked whether I would respond by bringing all three of you back to life. I regret to advise you that I failed the test.” He paused a moment. “I decided I would bring your wife and children back to life, but I would leave your refined soul to seek new experiences in another life. In other words, I would not respect your decision to allow the death of your children. Professor, I would not do so because I respect or not your rights, I would leave you to your chosen fate because I do not respect you. You see, whether the children are yours or the person threatened is some old tramp you’d never met, the moment you choose to allow someone to kill an innocent person, while having the ability to prevent the death, you do not avoid killing, for you are morally responsible for the death of the victim - which means, you are a murderer. What is truly worse is that you are not guilty of killing a murderer - you are guilty of the death of an innocent. I find the thought and possibility horrifying.”

Robbie returned to his seat, but his eyes showed he was lost in thought. He spoke to the professor and we did not need to be Cherinians to hear the sadness in him, “I cannot use the word ‘never’ when I may to live for millions of years; such a span of time can change me to the point where I no longer recognise myself. All I can say is, for the foreseeable future, I do not even suspect the possibility of my changing to the extreme you ask of me. If I may, I ask that you remain to debate and argue your points with the Council since they and all Cherinians should not follow my choices without considering them at depth and coming to agreement with my beliefs. Good day my friends.” He got to his feet, slightly bowed his head to them in respectful greeting and walked out with all of us following him.


A few weeks have gone by without my writing as we needed some time at home without you ageing. The bad thing about sitting around so much is that I get to think up questions I’m not always certain I want to be asking. Somebody with a sense of humour opened a coffee shop with the name, The Bad Athenian [O Kakos Athinaios]. The snobs loved it and they’ve made lots of money. We were curious and asked Robbie to take us there for our coffee. We won’t be going back; the coffee is good, but their cups are half the normal size…not much more than a sip for the price one should only have to pay the gods of Mt Olympus for their nectar. But I got to ask my question while Robbie drank his third cup.

“The hypothetical story you made up for the professor, what if we change it slightly so that we have a different question to examine? Say daddy goes to the bathroom to shave and takes the pistol with him so that his kids don’t accidentally shoot each other. He hears a noise and coming out finds his children dead and sees the murderer shambling down to the beach for a swim. Is he allowed to shoot? There is no life to save, just the fury and satisfaction of vengeance.”

Cherine was the one who answered without any hesitation. “I’d shoot him in the legs and arms, like Robert suggested, then I’d shoot him in the belly so that he takes a long time dying. Maybe then I’d bring him back to life and do it all over again.”

Robbie shook his head with wonder. “You’re still that bloodthirsty monster I fell in love with! Two centuries of Cherinianism have done nothing to civilise you.”

Not amused, her little face fierce, she answered, “Anybody hurts someone I love pays for it.”

Robbie grinned as he asked me, “Is there still any point in my answering you?”

“Yes, I’d like to know how you feel about it.”

We’ve decided we have to go, but we are taking reinforcements. Both Jesus and Christós have joined us and Michael and his family, with two of his most powerful Ipohin and, of course Campbell is still with us. Lusalith and Ivgos are also in Freddie and I’m certain every Talent is potentially useful as we don’t know what his powers are. Before we leave, I think you deserve an explanation of why we feel we have to go. Apparently the god is Old Testament style and is very intolerant of those who do not obey all his commandments. He has stifled all progress and it is a miserable world for those who have to live there. Once Lynda searched his reality for him, she became aware of a few things we had not been told (a Sparkler-Anadir team reported this reality to us. They did not stay long enough to get any details as they were worried the god of that reality might become aware of them). We know that the god is a Terran, but Lynda did not stick around long enough to get a feel for him so we don’t know whether he is a Talent we already know. She also sensed that he is totally ignorant of the possibility of other realities and she says she thinks he is not well educated.


Freddie has never been this empty. Robbie asked all, Cherinian or otherwise, who cannot help with a unique power of their own to stay behind or go to the Sparkler Worlds. He accepted that the Ivgos family should be considered one unit and the only other exception he made is for the Akiard kids. He did not ask for even the youngest, a toddler, to leave. From my side, I made an exception for Efineh and Sebura, but asked for Piri to go to the Sparkler World Athens. Sebura demanded she stay and surprised the hell out of us by asking for Birshima. I’d thought he’d felt, temporarily, an interest in her mother Fiera and wondered. She was happy we wanted her with us. The young Samuel King is with us - as are Allan and family. Another three exceptions were Alki, Marian and Manoli. Robbie did not try to get any of us girls to stay away, at least he has learnt not to try, saving much energy and time and avoiding hurt feelings by those he tries to protect.

I’m not even going to try to thank you. I should have mentioned that the details of our mission leaked out (why is it that Cherinians can’t stop themselves from gossiping?) and leaders of Christian and Islamic churches asked to come with. We refused all of them, explaining that we will try to bring that person to visit, but until he is willing to relinquish his ‘divine’ authority, we cannot weaken ourselves by having people we have to protect. We are now in a dead reality. We’ll sleep here, have our breakfast, set up everything as planned and jump to our destination. We intend arriving in normal space, but far enough from Earth that it is unlikely the population will notice us. We know ‘he’ will.

What a shock! Within seconds of our arrival, he was within Freddie! How did he teleport here without even knowing the sphere of energy he saw was safe for him to jump into? Our shock was his face: this is another Jesus, but very different from any we’ve met till now. He does not have powers of magic, but his psychic powers and presence are stunning. He hardly spared a glance for Freddie, as if seeing another planet is not worth his attention, but he did give a startled look at the spaceships in our sky. He studied the aliens he could see, extending mental feelers to sense what their powers are and how much of a risk they pose. He ignored the Terrans until he suddenly realised that two of them are like twin brothers to him. As if their presence was a blasphemy, he exploded in a white hot rage and sent for energies from the surface of the sun to destroy them and all of Freddie. We trust our Vincent-Kirsten team and remained calm and did not try to protect ourselves. The flames he brought could not have lasted longer than a hundredth of a second, but the heat was so intense that millions of Wirms and much of our bird life was burnt to ash. Luckily the Wirms use bodies created for them while in Freddie so they were back within a few seconds. If Robbie does not want very sad wives, when this is over and done with, he’ll have to return in time to collect the birds and bring them back to us. Jisus has very fast reactions. As soon as he sensed his attack had failed, he vanished.

We cannot sense him anywhere. He is not in or close to Freddie and he is not on the moon or Earth. We do not dare have Freddie extend his probes to see the planet, which is still at great distance. We stared at each other with wonder and it took a while before anyone could speak - and then, of course, the first things said were of the obvious. “Another Jesus!” was everyone’s first exclamation. Robbie decided the next attack will be by meteorites thrown against Freddie, so he and five others went outside to keep watch. Jesus and Christós wanted to create spells to prevent him from entering Freddie. We asked them not to. If he can’t enter, the fight will then have to be taken to Earth and none of us want that.

Birshima looked dazed and Robyn guessed correctly. With a gentle smile she asked, “That was much more powerful than the fire-warrior you’ve learnt to create? Don’t feel bad, all of us are impressed by the power of this self-styled god.” She turned serious. “I’m impressed by his vigilance, we were hardly here a minute and he not only became aware of us, but learnt enough for him to teleport into Freddie!”


Cassie called to me, “What are you going to call this Jesus? Gosh, he really does not like having alternates!” She jumped to Christós and spoke just like a sweet little girl, “I like you, I think you are both wonderful,” making all of us laugh.

Sebura stared around, his eyes sharp, as if he’ll see where danger will come from by concentrating like a hunter. He asked me, “You are confident your powers are stronger? Can we stop him from killing?”

I gave him a tight smile, for I was worried. “You know Cassie and Jade, always ready to make us laugh when we forget to think for ourselves. We do take him seriously Sebura, but if he succeeds in causing injuries or death, none will stay dead, Robert will bring them back - if they can’t do so on their own.” I nearly said, I told you not to bring Piri, but I hate saying I told you and he would not have understood. To him, as his daughter, it is only natural she shares his danger and he would have just thought I’m being strange, or else, that I’m planning to weaken her.

While the above was happening, hundreds of millions of Sparklers were searching for the one I’m calling Jisus. I was not perplexed by his disappearing act, not per se. I mean, he would have to be pretty dumb not to have prepared some safe places. What did confuse me is his ability to block his mind and emoting so effectively. Why would he develop such an ability if it is not needed. Does this mean there are or have been other Talents? Does he kill them or does he burn out their powers? The more I thought about it the more sense it made. He has convinced an entire planet he is their god. That means he must always be invisible, even should someone bump his head and suddenly become a major Talent, Jisus cannot confront them openly.

Alki was staring at me so Cherine said to him, “Sam is trying to work out how he thinks.”

He smiled. “Sometimes that can be a more effective strategy. Samantha mou, have you come to any insight that could help us find him?”

I nodded. “Maybe. I don’t think he is on or in the moon. He is not hiding in some remote area on Earth. His best way of hiding is to become a Normal and hide among the people, just another local worker or small time shopkeeper. That would be the best kind of camouflage - because I think he uses it often.”

Manoli glanced at Alki and then asked me, “How can you know he does it often?”

“He may like to think of himself as a god, but in many ways he remains a man. He needs companions who do not ask too many questions, he needs to eat, maybe he needs a woman now and then? He cannot choose to be very wealthy or a king as that would make him stick out and I doubt he’d enjoy it. Jesus, all of them, started life in a village with a carpenter for a father. He probably has fairly earthy tastes…” I saw I was going into too much detail and my voice faded. Cherine gave me a big grin and I sensed the majority of Sparklers return from Earth. Just as well, Jisus will make his whereabouts known soon enough, there is no need for us to hunt for him.

Jisus certainly knows how to choose his moments. We’d just had a lovely evening of lovemaking and Robbie was sitting up in bed, enjoying the sight of so many little girls, when suddenly everything went haywire. Gravity reversed itself and as we were flung towards the ceiling, gravity recovered (thanks to Freddie) and we dropped again. It happened too suddenly for us to react and some of us crashed on top of others and there were a number of cries of pain before our healers could help. Robbie sensed none of us had sustained a serious injury and quickly putting on his pants he jumped to float above the land. He quickly surveyed the changes and was relieved to find there is no serious damage - apart from goods in the galleries and museums…which had disappeared, which means Robbie returned in time (later) to save what would have been damaged. Dommi grabbed a clean shirt, we all dressed and met Robbie at the taverna. He was angrily muttering in his mind so we stayed out of it, giving him time to get over his anger.

“That was stupid of me, there is no reason to put Freddie at risk. We can bring back those who die, but I cannot re-create Freddie. Next time he might throw a black hole at us! He certainly seems to have the capability. Freddie, let’s go to the void.” If Jisus was monitoring us, from his point of view we must have suddenly disappeared and he’ll think we’ve gone back to wherever we came from. Robbie told us he is going back to bed as he wants his beauty sleep before he returns to normal space, so we all went with, since he was doing it for our sakes - he still acts like a daddy now and then.

Jesus and Christós arrived for breakfast just as we were finishing. They had been up for hours, walking and talking about Jisus (no doubt) for they both looked grim. We made place for them to sit opposite Robbie at his table.

Jesus said, “It is humbling to think that this man is our alternate. We’ve been asking ourselves what kind of split in our realities could have turned us into a man like him.”


Angelica asked, “Could it be he sensed something was missing because his reality does not have magic and it made him afraid?”

“It certainly made him small-minded! Angel, all realities have magic, it is only the degree that varies.” Christós nodded in agreement.

Haven added, “I’ve noticed that the more fearful people are, the more vicious they become.”

Robbie glanced at her, his eyes dark, for he is still angry that Jisus attacked without speaking to us first. He loves Freddie, our tiny world, and the sight of land and forests torn still hurts him. “Are you trying to make me empathise with him?”

Christós nodded. “A good point Robert. We must not forget to empathise.”

Rosie voiced her thoughts, “The powers he has are alarming, but I also find myself fascinated by what I think of as one aspect of them. Obviously he does not want his people to know that their god is a person so he has specialised in using his powers from a distance. Haven, when he started off, his first powers awakening, he could have been afraid of being marked as different, but as his powers grew, why would he be fearful - what has he to be afraid of? Is there some other power in this reality more powerful and ruthless than him?”

Meli answered, “Yes, but it is not another person. His need to remain capable of having a normal life, to be part of his society; even if it wars with his need to act out his compulsions. I have the impression he thinks this reality belongs to him and that is why he flew into a rage when he sensed we have powers that are similar to his. He has probably never had to face any competition before.”

Aganthi excited us when she reminded us of how Craig teleported without us being able to sense him aim for an arrival spot and asked whether it could be that Jisus is schizophrenic or suffers from a split personality syndrome. Dommi shook her head in disagreement. “I just had time to sense his mind and I don’t think so.”

“You tried to enter his mind!?” Jesus asked. “That was foolish, if he’d sensed you he could have destroyed your mind.”

Cherine took hold of Dommi’s hand. “Nobody can sense Dommi if she doesn’t want to be sensed. She’s the best of all of us.” I don’t know whether Robbie was more upset with Dommi or Cherine for encouraging her.

Morreb (male Anadir), had listened without commenting. When we sensed he wished to speak, we fell silent. “We cannot wait for him to attack us, we must make the next move. I suggest a new platform is made and it openly approaches Earth, beaming messages of peace and friendship.”

isi asked, “Before we do so, what if we healed everyone on Earth. They would be more likely to believe our broadcast then.”

I asked the question I was certain many wondered about. “Since they have not discovered radio yet, how do we broadcast our messages?”


Morreb was probably disappointed in me, for he did not answer me, aiming his answer to no one in particular. “The Sparklers can create thousands of repeater stage sets all over the world. The stages would only exist for a few minutes so they should not be in any danger.”

Everyone complimented Morreb on his idea and enthusiastically argued the proposal made by isi. We decided this is a Cherinian solution and decided to go ahead - most of the workload will fall on the Sparklers, which makes them happy. They teleported to Earth in the hundreds of millions and within hours, surprisingly, almost all of them had returned. Robbie prepared the platform and the time of our appearance for the next day was agreed with Solomon so that the repeater stages can be broadcasting our messages as we arrive. Manoli suggested a full lamb on a spit and some music for us to dance as we had been feeling either low or angry since we’d arrived. We had a lovely evening and Cassie even switched the glass of water your image takes a sip from now and then with red wine. When it took a sip we all watched but it did not react.

What a disaster! I’m writing this two days later and we are in a dead reality trying to recover and work out how we should handle the problems we stupidly created. Since Jisus does not have magical powers, it was decided that Jesus and Christós should not come with us, as their presence would only provoke him. Vincent and Kirsten came with, but they were not in the platform and they blocked themselves so that Jisus cannot sense them should he try to attack us again. Within a minute or so of arriving in normal space, as if he’d been waiting for us, something grabbed at us and the next we knew we were no longer within our platform. We were on Earth and standing in the middle of some desert or other and a shield of energy shimmered, blocking our departure - we presumed so, since we did not try to leave. Jisus walked through the shield (that impressed everyone, even Robbie - none of us can do that…or, none of us have thought of trying to do so with our own shields. We can only jump out of them). He glowered as he stared at us and we could sense he was struggling to contain himself - maybe because of so many of us being children.

“Do you come from an Earth like this one?” He was obviously speaking to Robbie and we sensed he thought of us as children, so not worth communicating with. Manoli he took to be under Robbie and the aliens he did not expect them to understand him. Luckily Claudia had no delays with helping us understand each other.

“The same, but not the same, some things…”

“What gives you the right to interfere with our world?”

“We only healed…”

“If I wanted them healed I could have done so myself!” Coldly he stared at Robbie, as if daring him to try and excuse himself again. “Your self-indulgent stupidity is going to cause a lot of pain and suffering and within a couple of generations I will have to manipulate them so that they go to war with each other. Will you then return to hold the dying in your arms and share their pain?” He turned his back on us and stood staring at the desert outside. He suddenly turned and, ignoring Robbie, he stood before Cherine and spoke to her. “I see a child, but I sense that some day you will grow to be important to all of life. Is that the reason the two who are like me are with you?”

“They are our friends…”

“I do not believe that, none who are as I can be anyone’s friend. Our duty does not allow it. Listen carefully to me child, if you are to be as important as I sense, then learn this; what is true for those you love and are loved by, is not always true for all the people of your world. What is true for your world is not always true for other worlds. Before you meddle, take the time and trouble to learn what would be good for them. I do not understand how you can heal all the people of your world without them destroying their world, but it cannot be done here and I will not allow it.” He stared into her eyes as if daring her to speak, shrugged and softened his voice slightly, but with more of an edge to it. “Do not return here before you are invited. Next time I will not hold back.”

“How will you find us to invite us?” Rosie asked.

He kept his eyes glued to Cherine’s. “If I cannot find you, then you do not deserve to be invited.” It seems I was the only one who felt that what he said made sense. He did not wait for us to agree or ask whatever questions we had. He stood before us with his unforgiving stern look as the sphere rose into the sky. Suddenly Dommi pointed at the receding Earth, “Look! Oh god, what happened?”


We did not need for Jisus to explain. We could see the land scarred by hundreds of craters from meteors striking the planet. There are no tropical jungles and the ice caps are half the size they are on our world. Numb with horror we stared at the planet until everything blurred for a second and we found ourselves back in our platform. A frantic Vincent and Kirsten were inside. They told us they had not been able to sense us while we were within the sphere. Still silent, deep in thought, Robbie jumped us back to Freddie and we jumped to this dead reality. We were all still recovering from the shock so nobody was ready to present ideas for returning to heal the planet without angering Jisus, when Cherine came to her feet, walked away from the taverna and standing on the grass she turned to look at Robbie. “Do not follow me.” She changed into The Light, let us feel her love and disappeared.

I asked Cherine to write, but she preferred to share with us so that I write for you. She arrived by Earth, but not on it, and called for him to meet with her. He did not delay and when he appeared by her his eyes widened. The stern look did not soften, but neither did he speak. He created a sphere of energy to hold them, imported air and then waited for her to speak.

“You are owed an apology and I hope you will accept it from me, on behalf of all whom I love. Jesus, we had no knowledge of the damage to your world and luckily we did not open your people to the gifts that could lead them to discovering immortality. I presume you fear the healing we performed will lengthen their lives, causing the population to grow to numbers your tortured Earth cannot support. As you are part of the pattern of life, so are all the people of your world. You do not have the right to deny them a future worth living - not when we can heal the planet.” She looked him in the eyes. “Jesus, can you sense how you are part of the love from countless realities that flows through me? Do not allow ignorance, anger or fear to block your reality from the love so freely offered, give me your hand so that I can take you to learn of how we can heal your world and your people.” As if mesmerised, he extended his hand and as she took hold of his long fingers, she brought him to Freddie.

Cherine arrived with him in front of your image. She saw he did not react to you, so she pointed at you and told him, “It is not time, there is much you must learn of us first before you learn of him. When you do, it will shatter you Jesus.” Her eyes turned to stare into his, her face gentle but glowing. “Whatever you may think about those you’ll meet, you do not have one enemy in Freddie - so meet them with love. When it is time to speak of Arthur, I promise to return.” Before he could react, the glow died and our eight year old Cherine stood before him. He actually shook his head, as if not believing what he’d just experienced. Cherine took advantage of his dazed condition and taking hold of his hand, she led him to sit at Robbie’s table. A glass of red wine and the rest of the bottle were placed before him. He kept his eyes on Cherine as she made herself comfortable on Robbie’s lap and only then looked at Robbie. Robbie waited for the question he sensed Jisus was holding back.

“How can she be both? Why would she want to return to what she is now?” None of us even dared to think of smiling at the way our Cherine The Light had affected him.

“Our Jesus - and he is not either of the two travelling with us, loved to narrate stories with meaning. My loves, I think, are just as magical in their telling of our story. As I’m certain you know, the time spent with us does not necessarily reflect the time you will be absent from your world - if you’ll allow us, we can return you within the same hour you departed. Relax, learn of our dreams and then we will talk about your dream. I assure you that there is not one being in our spaceship-world Freddie who does not wish to see your dreams come true.”


This is such a wonderful moment to be alive. We have evolved and grown so much during this last diary and I think it is a long time since we ended off with so much happiness. The future has never been as promising as it is presently and we are now certain Arthur will be a part of it. It’s a perfect moment for me to end off. I - we all love you (Arthur and his reader) - and….adios for now.

Next [Book 13] - Post 001

I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

  • posted: 4th Oct, 2020

    If you wish to read from an earlier book, from Book 01 to Book 12, use this link button to open the LC Book Index:

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Hello Arthur, are you still alive and well? Hope the corona-chan dont get you.
Greeting from a reader, one of whom finished the 12th book 4 months ago.
I’ve got them from the Tor site cherinesbox, all nice packed in pdfs, and the songs, the satellite stories, etc.
Apologies for my english, i'm spanish speaker. I am very fond of your long novel, and your girls, and all characters and species. Im not a writer myself nor a SciFi fan, but spend 3 years of my life reading it, yes i am very slow, i have so much things that a want to write to you, but i will keep it short. Yes i do like the green love that why come upon your books.
Congratulations on that frondous mind you have, you inspired me in more that one way. I love Cherine and Samantha, as well the rest of the Teller family, Robert’s sense of humor is enjoyable.
I looking forward the book 13, and the rest of them, until the end.
Thank you.
Tiny Bubbles...



I did not know about there being a site in her name - not created by me.

I hope you enjoy book 13...once I start still reading/proofreading and correcting lots of mistakes.

I do not see any posts on your blog page, I hope you will be posting on whatever else interests you. I know life is difficult in Spain right now and I read that the price of property has dropped. I hope you are surviving....without too much suffering.

I will do a follow so as to encourage you to post...


Just for you to see how much I appreciate your comment, here is how it will look on the wall, next to where I sit at my computer.

A Spanish reader of LCherine-12Oct2020-L+Fr.png

Finito - Finished

LiTTLE CHERiNE, Book 12 has now been uploaded.

I want to thank all the members of this platform for cooperating with me, helping me to upload as fast as I could by none of you trying to read my posts.

As you have probably guessed, my posts are meant for readers from elsewhere...from sites where people who love to read Science Fiction & Fantasy can access my posts without having to be distracted by worries about being upvoted.

Posting (uploading) of Book 13 is starting soon - and I hope you all show the same remarkable self-restraint and ignore those posts also.

Thank you,
Alex (Arthur)