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First was the Steemit Open Mic contest, the most important music contest on the Steem platform. Now we have a new one that is called to become the most important musical event of this platform and (why not?) of the internet. I am talking about the Sonic Groove Live contest, which for several weeks has begun to gain its space and the support of musicians, singers and the entire community.

This contest, like its predecessor has the support of important whales, which in the end translates into significant prizes for the winners of the event.

¡Versión en español disponible aquí!

However, in most of these contests, the community, the common person, the individual user, have no voice or vote in the results, everything depends on the jury. Of course it is always about having the best possible jury, but the participation of individuals outside the event does usually not exist.

To change that situation the people of Sonicgroove thought of an alternative that would allow those people who want to express themselves and show their preferences for a particular artist, to do so. And for this they decided to use a tool that has several benefits.

The magic word is "Promote"

From the beginning in Steemit there is a tool that you can find at the bottom of each publication, a button with the word "Promote".

This is a promotional tool that has the characteristic that the money used for the promotion is "burned", that is, it is sent to the @null account and from there it disappears, is canceled, burned. This has a positive impact on the market, as the number of money available is reduced, its price increases in response to market needs.

Nowadays campaign is being done to "burn" money in order to contribute to the price of our currencies. That campaign also has its detractors who think that this task should be for whales and not for the common user, but here we will not enter that discussion, and we are going to highlight that this time it has an additional objective, which is to promote our chosen artist and therefore has a very valid reason for being. When promoting a post in this way, it will appear in the Promoted section and will also appear (in the case of tribes) as a kind of advertising in the Trending section.

Me in solitude

For several weeks @SonicGrooveLive implemented the "The Communities Choice Awards". This is about promoting with the aforementioned tool, from the portal of https://www.sonicgroove.net/, the artist of your choice, every week, then you must leave a comment on the post you are promoting of that artist, where you indicate the reasons why you think he/she should win.

The artist who receives the highest promotion (in this case it is done in SONIC, which is the currency that governs this tribe), will be the winner and as such will be reviewed on the page where the winners are announced. There they will also publish the comment that you left and will announce you as the Judge of the Community Choice.

This is an activity that, apart from giving additional promotion to your favorite artist, contributes to consolidate the value of SONIC and the most important aspect is that it contributes to the PARTICIPATION, which is one of the most important and necessary aspects on this platform.


Despite the importance of this tool, so far I have been the only one who has made use of this tool, a tool that is useful for the community, which serves to give love to artists and that makes us part of this community.

I could feel happy to be the only one, because my name has been in the last three #Sonicgroovelive winners announcements and my reviewed artists are always the selected ones... But it is sad to know that it is because nobody else participates.

So that I am not the only one, I will tell you step by step how you should do to promote your favorite artist.

# Step 1

You go to https://www.sonicgroove.net/created/sgl/. There you will find the most recent post of all the musicians and singers who are participating in the corresponding week (Of course, only in the case that the artist has done his post as it should be).

You listen to the participants and choose which one you like the most and that you want to promote. Go to his/her post and go to the bottom, where the promotion button appears.

This is the participant I supported week 5 and the button looks like this:


# Step 2

You will see the window where you choose the amount of SONIC that you will spend on the promotion, which looks like this:


There you put the amount (Remember that the winning artist is the one who has received the largest amount) and press "Promote"

# Step 3

Then you write the comment where you explain why you want to support him/her. For example my comment for the artist on week 4:


And with that you have finished your community and support work.

If your artist wins for your promotion, you will see your name and review in the post announcing the winners. This is the case of the week 3:


The evil little letters

You must remember that the one who received the highest promotion will win. That is, if you spent 500 SONIC on promoting your artist and another person spent 501.... the winner is the other one!!!! 🤔

But you have the satisfaction of having participated, contributed and supported your favorite artist, to whom you automatically gave more exposure.

So I hope to see the participation of other users in this activity. If you are very hesitant and do not know who to support, you can support me that I am always participating... 🤣 (This is just a joke).

Let's support SONIC, the #Sonicgroovelive contest and our platform musicians and singers!

Thanks to @joseacabrerav and @paintingangels that encouraged me to write this post!

The main image is from Unsplash. The rest are screenshots taken by me.


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