Daily ShadowBot Stats - 07 January, 2021


Daily ShadowBot Stats

07 January, 2021

New Casters Today0
Total Casters1,183
New Steem Power Today0
Total Steem Power195,745
Votes Cast Today10,330
Votes Cast Total15,841,232
New Posts Today50
Queued Posts264
Total Posts298,405
Total Casters Over FVL12
Fractional Voting Level (FVL)1,500
Shadow Divider (SD)7

New Casters Today

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Hi @shadowbot your system is very good and wonderful as i am the part of this platform since 2017. And my pool priority is only 1.6% and my steem power was almost 80.
But now i have increased my steem power from 80 to 448.577 which is very high increase in the steem power. But you have not updated the system and i am still receiving only 1.6% upvotes. Please update the system so that my pool priority will increase according to my steem power.
I hope you will update the system soon and specially my pool priority. Please increase my pool priority from 1.6% to 10% atleast.

Regards With Love