First 31 comments below gets a 1+ Shadow Rank boost!

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Reply with something ShadowBot related below and the first 31 will get a Shadow Rank boost! Hint hint! Re-Steem this post and you might see an additional bonus later this week!

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Looking forward to the shadowbook release

Shadowbot has work well for me so far.. Thanks

It seems I'm not late? ))

Been loving Shadowbot. Just boosted myself about the FVL!

Thanks shadowbot ! I look forward to your new features

Getting a shadow rank boost is always a good thing.

Resteemed. Hey I followed you guys on whaleshare, when are you guys planning to start your services over there? @shadowbot

Nice I guess I am getting a Rank boost!!

14 months later... I still believe that @Shadowbot is the greatest that happen to steemit.

Excited to see whats to come!

Wow shadowbot is the best bot that automates many actions on most steemit accounts and mainly voting the post with best contents... big up guys...

Looking forward to all your new upcoming features!

After 14 months @shadowbot i give the 14th comment in this post, if that is not an omen

fast contest I like it! Please remember to use shadowbot as your proxy for witness voting. If you don't vote for witness allow us to use your vote because every vote counts! To find out how to here:

Y'all are boosting like craaaazy!!! Woo!

Nice to see even more boosts being handed out. Hope that the #ElysianFields Update ist going well.

Also Resteemed this post.

But something else, the same matter as still before:
Mentioned back here the last time.

Still missing those bonuses too from the four posts.

yey free votes!! :) thanks shadowbot!! resteemed

Can i try whats this Rank boost?? thanks with this. more power

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ShadowBot in our hearts forever ^-^

Thank you for all the work you guys have put in on the shadowbot project, I’m excited to see what the future holds!

Hurray.....came back again to shadowbot...this works perfectly fine than it used to be before... Keep going.

Okay! This is comment # 23, if I counted right! Thanks, Shadowbot!

  ·  2년 전

Stealing a rank!

What will the rank boost do? What is shadow bot?

Have not heard of shadowbot before...until now. Thanks much!

Great tool! Hope it can help grow our project.

Really want to see @shadowbot at other blockchains like whaleshares and

I would gladly take a Shadow Rank Boost!

Shadowbot supplying the goods once again!

Chuck APPROVES of this boost!

31 met! Boosts coming in a few!

I hope I made it :-)

I hope I made it :-)

I am a little bit late, does this count? :D