Last Chance for a Shadow Rank Boost!

2년 전

If you have been waiting on a shadow rank boost they are coming today and tomorrow! This is the last call and last chance to get in on this! Be sure to do the following:

  • Resteem this post
  • Add a reply below about your experience with ShadowBot
  • Be a member of ShadowBot (new members are welcome)

The final Shadow Rank boosts will be given out for this post at the expiration of this post!

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Hello. My name is Szokerobert.
I'm registered 6 months ago on shadowbot.
In these 6 months I was very pleased with the shadowbot and I am still.
I'm glad we came across a very good community and the job to help new and old users.
With great pleasure I gave the reblog to this post that even deserves @shadowbot.
If I can help with anything, contact me with great pleasure to grow with shadowbot.

I'm usually a grumpy old fart, but shadowbot makes me a bit less grumpy.

On a slightly more serious note here's a huge shout out to @bigdeej and @jonbit - so many people are worried about short term gains with this project but forget these are the only 2 people running the whole thing.

i joined @Shadowbot when i was just starting steemit and i could say that it have helped me a lot in the year i already have here. is a good way to give and receive from the community members!

1 ) you receive votes superior at your vote power and that is excellent

2 ) you also receive SP from curation and that is excellent too!!

i'm in love and satisfied with @shadowbot services!

I have been a member of @shadowbot for quite some time. I guess it has been almost a year. But it hasn't been all smooth sailing as I did have some problems with my VP management, but slowly but surely I did manage to get my VP in control.

What I feel is amazing about @shadowbot is that you get a nice chunk of curation reward on top of all the Pool Upvotes you get.

I hope to be a part of @shadowbot for a longer period of time.

  ·  2년 전

To me, this is an enhancement to the whole steemit experience and without the help it would have been much harder to be noticed and keep going the way I have. Thanks, shadowbot you made a big difference!

I am with @shadowbot from almost the beggining and I can only speak with greatest satisfaction about it. It is one of the best services on Steemit. @shadowbot is reliable, honest and fair. A great community to belong to!

Still works perfectly! :-) The most reliable community on Steemit!

Great experience. After a few months on steemit, I find it hard to earn SP. I wasn't growing quickly ennough. I've almost givn up when i found @shadowbot. It help me persevere. The platform is great and never stopped improving. I wish I could know exactly how much SP I need to boost my shadowrank or how long till I get a boost for writing good post, etc. still, a great project. Hail to the King, baby!

Shadowcaster #1628 here with SR 31.
On Shadowbot for 8 months now, and quite happy with it.
Feels kinda like Steembasicincome, but instead of buying shares, you have to earn your rank to get some basic income back.
No major issues so far.

Still can't wait for all those bonuses to be spread around from all those posts though. 😎

Pretty sure by now, that the boost is going to be HUGE. 😁

I think, ShadowBot is the best decision for young accounts! It allows to "accumulate" the power of upvotes to get tangible results.

It's really been an amazing experience, I have seen this crypto currency roller coaster with its ups and downs and shadowbot along with steem has enjoyed the ride, soon we will be doing back up that monster roller coaster and it again will be a gut wrenching drop down as always. New people who don't understand how the market works you can tell by the reaction and the fear of FUD while the ones who's been on this ride know what to expect and see both ups and downs as opportunities. Nothing stays the same forever...well... perhaps doge coin but that's whole other thing all by its self :P Enjoy the ride, learn to raise your hands to get the most out of it and scream OH YEA instead of OH NO on the way down and you will be fine!

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I participate in ShadowBot for over 7 months. I regret that I didn't connect to it earlier. I hope, that thanks to our resteems, more users will learn about ShadowBot.

Great service!
Among other things Shadowbot motivates users to increase their SP - this is useful for Shadowbot and for all Steemit.

Great group! It was the very first, and probably the only group I'm a part of the the community.

#117 here - thanks for the good times!

I am on ShadowBot train for more than 11 months now, if I didn't find out about ShadowBot from the start on my Steemit journey I think I would stopped posting and engaging on this platform, SB gave me reason to stay and work on my account and goal, now I have 1,300+ Steem Power and I feel great about it, I am growing steady <3

I love @shadowbot because it is very helpful my steemit account.

Steemit without shadowbot, is like Chuck Norris without his roundhouse kick.

Thanks for everything you do team SB!

Still new here but I see an active team with a platform that has potential. Especially for new steemers this is an opportunity to gain extra upvotes and reputation, which is really important when you start. All this is why I made a donation recently based on the Super Star Bonus post as well.

Keep up the good work!

PS. Post resteemed.

I think Shadowbot has actually kept me going in Steem. I was feeling a bit discouraged by the lack of attention my posts were getting. It's not going to make me rich, the little trickle of rewards from Shadowbot kept me motivated to keep going.

ShadowBot - is the best service on Steemit, really.
I wish you success!