TheShadowBrokers Dump Service - September 2017

3년 전

Missing theshadowbrokers? If someone is paying then theshadowbrokers is playing.

Changes to Dump Service:

  • Two dumps per month
  • Zcash only, no Monero, delivery email in encrypted memo field
  • Delivery email address clearnet only, recommend tutanota or protonmail, no need exchange secret, no i2p, no bitmessage, no zeronet
  • Previous dumps now available, send correct amount to correct ZEC address
  • September dumps is being exploits

Current Offerings
Dump #1 - (June 30) = 100 ZEC to zcaWeZ9j4DdBfZXQgHpBkyauHBtYKF7LnZvaYc4p86G7jGnVUq14KSxsnGmUp7Kh1Pgivcew1qZ64iEeG6vobt8wV2siJiq
Dump #2 - (July 31) = 200 ZEC to zcfL58A5g73tguaEfnntgDDJMmjqkjhA3cjGujcYsXYwbh5Z5DvBEXPqqJ2Eo9z5eVUckLYWhUTJmXp2HbxZxJCZ56vRkFM
Dump #3 - (August 31) = 500 ZEC to zcRuR8cpeKMoPGD1FNzBJUt7ASpP6ZmViHHdYjGg4FpU6aYJvAZqdQEtRfZdeoFrkJ2qSXgYeFVcqTuyaAToNCLHnLLNzYB
Dump #4 - (September 15) = 1000 ZEC to zc9DceqFxskPbKp6G1SAVSApXnPoWwguBS96LTQhR1cr9hJgR9d7fHytSjinsqyo1AqGo3H6JR6MDDUE1TydoYeSibfkSRQ
Dump #5 - (September 30) = 2000 ZEC to zcFKj2xqRuRLeHKi9MkP7h6T8pRzDmV4eTmWmKbNTAuQ4sYLtWAXJDrF7ERoP2VsshxpZjoFPrrGQkqrEPkg5sk1sRZSY7Z
Dump #6 - (October 15) = 4000 ZEC to zcRnGB58X1BMu7cVJJnCGpTeR9Pa12emh88kUDcGsBAEx8x4Zwd69W3thhUo6YFZNzx7Su27ZabwSufuidrRx91hQxEyGLw
Dump #7 - (October31) = 8000 ZEC to zcUoyWvZWvk6hK3xDp7tRBSrKgaFMqNkLf7kWmkX9oMwv6NX7ixbE1FkVzfw6Zk9EssxNo88YnqchsX75AXQtdGWGTjEjYB
Dump #8 - (November15) = 16000 ZEC to zcfxRJv7cwtpacNrBpQJ5MAwwhbLMZWmAYep4mXNNLMgjDNndMSZHdLesKX83h39oiDz46GHYodRGEoDScU8aXhnSEwg681

Files, Signed Message, Manual to August Dump:!QGAyVTJL!0cJlvWpQ4dPcKLu-oN766w

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Because Monero lacks an encrypted memo field. (Monero has encrypted payment IDs but these aren't quite long enough to hold an e-mail.)

Accepting Monero payments requires theshadowbrokers to exchange multiple messages over different channels.

With ZCash, a buyer sends a transaction containing an e-mail address. TSB sends file to e-mail address.

Never fear, Monero developers have been talking about adding a memo field for a while.


Thank you for the explanation.

No snarky screed this time? Disappointing :(

next would be 32000 zec right ?

Dump #8 - (November15) = 16000 ZEC to zcfxRJv7cwtpacNrBpQJ5M..... !!!!! Is this for real? What are the dump, the ultimate secret of Alphabet? And who buy this: Apple, Microsoft?

Hey guys @arschloch, tried to steal from me. then is trying to imitate you with an account they created @thashadowbrokers.

I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Be safe out there in the deep blue sea.

What is a dump? Sorry if I'm missing something but I haven't heard anything about this and just wondering what is all about. Thanks in advance for any insight into this matter.


Hey Sixersfeds, hope i can clear this out to you.

A "dump" in computer world talk is when you retrieve data (information) of any kind from any data storage.
A data storage can be an hard drive with data written, a computer chip that contains information inside (simple operating system called eeprom) that make the chip perform functions, etc. Basically this!

In this case, TSB are a "group" (who knows, a team, a person) of hackers that claims to have some data dump from stored programs used to abuse failures some program may have. They claim to have "dumped" (downloaded) from the "equation group" internal network!

One example of dumped programs (exploits) used to abuse failures (vulnerabilities) some programs/operating system may have was the WannaCry trojan that affected computers worldwide.

They claim to have many xploits for a wide range of programs/operating systems/ banking protocols/ smart cell phones (iphone ios and android models), and are selling them only accepting ZCash, kind of a bitcoin but with different characteristics that make the transactions anonymous!

Kind regards and be on the safe side!


Thank you for that. I get it now I just had no idea what it was in relation to. I guess it's something the people who want it already understand and the post doesn't have to explain it. Thanks again for the detailed explanation.


I like the involvement, enjoyable post.

Puede que algun dia pueda ser capaz de entender este universo .yo lo llamo limbo es la conexión que tengo entre mis dos vidas paralelas .