Shadow Photo Contest-Round 42- Shoe Shadows my Flip Flops !!

3년 전

This i must say was quite a challenge trying to get the shoes to stand upright in the right position with the sun pointing at the shoes so it could reflect a decent shadow. I tried several ways so finally i came up with this idea using a couple long strings and a couple of pins i tied up the strings to the curtain rod and pinned the string onto my flip flops and let them dangal there just touching the floor till i got the shadow that i was looking for then snapped a few photos and these are the best i came up with. Well that was a bit of fun probably the neighbors thought i was trying to hang :)





Category : #shadowphoto

Camera : iPhone 6

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Dangling flip flops! You do keep those neighbors guessing! Thanks for entering!


I am telling you one day the neighbors are going to come over here and drag me away to some mental home and it will be all your :)


I'm not sure they would believe me, but I will start making a plan to get you out! They might say we are both nutty?


Awwwww...that is so nice of you but for now i will keep a low :)

Wonderful dangling flip flop shadows! 😃 Thanks for entering!


Haha...something different for you lets call them the dancing Flip-Flops :)

Damn! I was expecting a nice shadow of your stilettos. 😂
Good entry! Good luck, my friend!


Your naughty...... i can't give all my secerts away...hehe :)