WINNERS Shadow Photo Contest-round 52- Night Shadows

2년 전

Shadow Photo Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered a shadow this year!

@shasta had a difficult time choosing the winners this week. There were so many great photos--you should all be winners! I am giving away 6 Steem this week to help make @shasta's decision a little easier!

The Winners

@eto-ka entered this wonderful night time shadowy shot taken in Red Square in Moscow.


@hangin entered this really tall night time shadow.


@photoquest ertered this beautiful shadowy photo.


@otage entered this interesting shadowy night time photo.


@trudeehunter entered this unusual nighttime shadow photo


@keithboone entered this shadowy photo taken at a night market in Mexico


@singa entered this lovely night time photo of tree shadows.


@vijayb entered this great nighttime bicycle shadow


@elizacheng entered this fantastic shadowy shot!


@beto14 entered these beautiful nighttime shadows


@tellurian entered this very cool photo of shadows at the medieval clock tower in Graz, Austria.


@jerrytsuseer entered this shadowy shot taken on an unusual snowy night in Atlanta, Georgia.


Thanks to everyone who entered for being such great supporters of the Shadow Contest! There were so many great photos!

Go here to enter this week's contest

Shadow Photo Contest Round 53- One or Two people Shadows

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Thank you so much @melinda010100 and congrats to all the other winners :)

Thank you @melinda010100 and @shasta! Congratulations to all the winners!


You are most welcome @keithboone! :-)

Congratulations to all the great entries! Thank you @melinda for creating the contest and @shasta for hosting another interesting round!


Thank you for being here with me all year! I really appreciate all your support.


You are most welcome @otage!
Agree all great entries and hard to
narrow them down :-)

This is a fabulous selection of great shadow images @melinda010100 Congratulations to all winners and many thanks for selecting mine among these other wonderful photos @shasta It it very much appreciated. (U & R )


There were indeed many great photos this week! Thanks for joining in!


It was a pleasure Melinda.


You are most welcome @trudeehunter!
I do wonder how his shadow sits so long :-)

Thank you very much:)

Congratulations to the winners!


Thanks so much for all the times you hosted the contest this year!


Happy to help, anytime, I'm going to help again once the sun comes out 🙂 🌞


We sure are not seeing much of it here!🌞It just started snowing. 4-6 inches, they say.


Snow is melting here, +2C outside. Crazy weather.

Congrats to all the winners see you all in the next round !!

Thank you very much for your attention, @melinda010100 и @shasta
Great competition.
I Congratulations to the winners!


You are most welcome @singa! :-)

Howdy Melinda! you're so right, all of these are wonderful!

Thank you very much, @melinda010100! Congratulations to all the winners!
Loved this round. At night, everything is a little magical. :)

Congrats to all winners! And thanks @melinda010100! Didn't expect mine will be chosen too! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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That was a fabulous Shadow Photo! Such a happy shot! Thanks so much for supporting the contest.

Congratulations to all the winners!! 🎉
Many thank yous to 💕 @melinda010100 for running
the shadow contest and to all those who helped
along the way! ❤ What a great year, looking forward
to many more! :-)