Shakespearean: "CHANCE"

2년 전

In my lonesome time you gave me memories and hugs from the air that's so tight. In my darkest minds you gave me light. For the chances you offered, my knight. Your love shall hunt me every single night. (photo taken from FOTOS8 Summershow Google)

by Leah Piolen

Love is sweeter in the next time around
I still can't believe you are with me now
Happiness is what I finally found
When I held, nurture, and care of thy vow
You came with a smile of a second chance
Your eyes push me to hope and love again
Sweet iris is what I see as I glance
May our love last and long as we begin
Dear I thought you are never coming back
You left me before with a broken heart
I cried a river and had my mind crack
But love you came back and now we can start
A second chance full of faith will not waste
For my love dear, brings sugar-coated taste

I made this 5 minute Shakespearean sonnet and I'm kinda loving my peaceful feeling of making another one. What are your thoughts about it?

You see, a poem creates a thousand meaning as how a single picture does.



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