Shakespearean Sonnet: "ADDICTED TO YOU"

2년 전

The sunlight stares at my eyes so bright and vivid, and my eyes turned blazing caramel brown. Like how you stare at my eyes and made me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl in town.

by Leah Piolen

The caramel beautiful eyes of yours
Makes me want to stare at it forever
The captivating stand of you allures
You are just as attractive as ever
I saw you wearing your gorgeous red dress
Hypnotising from hair down to your heels
You never fail to drive such sweet impress
I am starting to have shivering chills
You left your scent as you walk in the aisle
I'll always catch your saccharine perfume
Your elegant and mesmerising smile
My addiction to you again resume
For once in my life I have concluded
To you I am certainly addicted

These were your words - and it will remain forever.

Another poem for you.

Love and harmony,


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