Shakespearean sonnet: Lovely Water Lily

2년 전

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"Lovely Water Lily"
by Leah Mae Piolen

Your nature is like a water lily
You heal my wounds by fading all the scars
You resonates a healing property
In my soul that's full of unending wars
The magic from the moon to the waters
Produces love and affection to me
The fragrance of all your blooming flowers
Creates shocking feeling of ecstasy
Your fondness returns every after rain
Like a fairy hiding beneath my eyes
My water lily that removes my pain
I shall nurture thee from lands to the skies
Oh my modest lovely water lily
I will always defend your wide beauty

I am a fan of Shakespearean poetry and I love making poems inspired with love, faith and affection. This one is really deep for me.

Peace and harmony,


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