Four million people are 'modern servants'

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Selling and selling black people from different countries of Africa and forced them to work for generations to come - this form of slavery is no more. But the slavery of the world has ended? According to a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO), in the year 2016, 40 million people in the world were victims of slavery. It is called modern slavery.

2.5 million people have to be forced to work under these four quarters. Half a million has been subjected to forced marriages. In the eyes of the ILO, these two modern forms of slavery. Who sells compulsory labor? The ILO says, the form of modern slavery in the face of threatened farming, fishing, selling labor in the factory without working pests, working in a sexual profession, etc. Comparing forced marriage to ILO, with the loss of sexual freedom and labor sales behind marriage.

The ILO also said, one of the main goals under the United Nations adopted sustainable developmental aims (SDGs) to release compulsory labor, end modern slavery and prevent human trafficking. Memberships said the aim of achieving this goal by 2030.

ILO Director General Guy Ryder said that the international community will not be able to achieve the SDG if the problems that have emerged in the report are not resolved. In this case, new global accounts will help them with the necessary steps.
The ILO report was released on September 17. In the ILO report jointly with the Walk Free Foundation and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). It did not present the image of modern slavery by country. However, the trend in the region is high, it has come up in the report. According to the ILO, compulsory labor and forced marriages are more in Africa. Asia and the Pacific region are in the next position.

The report did not say anything about Bangladesh. But a comment from a citizen of Bangladesh is mentioned. It is said that Bangladeshi workers stuck in the interest cycle with the loan. To repay the loan, he has to work under the debtor.
According to the ILO estimation, 2.6 million people have been subjected to forced labor in 2016. Of these, 1.65 million people have committed compulsory labor in the private sector. 48 million were forced into sexual profession. And the remaining 41 lakh people have been forced to stay in forced labor. Half of the people in the private sector engaged in compulsory labor were banned This means that the owner is obliged to work because of taking a loan.

The ILO report says, "In many cases, the products and services produced by the force are forced to come to the market in formal way. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, or the buildings we live in, may be made of compulsory labor. '
It is said in the report that forced marriages are not only girls, but boys are also boys. However, 88 percent of cases are girls' victims. Of these, one in every three girls has been married before 18 years of age....!!!!

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